5 Benefits of Using Custom Packaging for Your E-commerce Courier Service

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Are you a frequent online shopper or have been in the business for quite some time now? Then it is highly likely that you can spot an Amazon shipping box in just a glance. It is because Amazon puts in lots of effort in creating a very unique and distinct look and customized packaging for its products for ecommerce shipping in India. This has not only created a distinct brand recognition packaging for the company but also improved its brand image. It is not only Amazon that follows this practice. Nowadays, there are a lot of online stores that are paying a lot of effort on custom packaging and creating a unique look for their shipments.   

Why is it important? There are several reasons why ecommerce companies use custom shipping packages for their logistics – ranging from cost-efficiency to branding. Here are five benefits of using customized shipping packages for ecommerce shipment:

  • Branding

Every business establishment aims at growing their brand reputation. Your brand is primarily what represents your company, what makes it unique and what makes it recognizable. Customized shipment boxes with brand colours and logo and delivered timely using reliable ecommerce courier service can help in creating brand recall. Moreover, quality boxes are sometimes re-used by customers. Therefore, printing your brand logo on the shipping boxes can help in building brand recognition. It means every time someone sees one of your boxes, your company’s name will come to their mind. Moreover, when these boxes are re-used and seen by others, even people who have never heard of your brand may be intrigued. Simply put, your stylish and unique shipping boxes can be easily converted into an advertising tool through clever packaging and smart ecommerce shipping in India.

  • Customized sizing possibilities

If you sell different sized products, all your products may not necessarily fit into standard sized boxes. To optimize the costs of ecommerce shipping you will need custom boxes instead of the readymade standard size ones. With custom foldable boxes you can easily fold them into an odd shape and can make them accommodate different sized products. Additionally, if you focus on the shipment of a specific kind of product wherein the size is fixed, you can customize your boxes accordingly. This can also help in preventing damage to your product during shipping through your ecommerce courier service. This will consequently reduce the number of complaints about the products and returns due to damaged goods. Effortless storage and shipment

Boxes that are not of the correct sizes may take up extra space than it is actually needed. However, customized boxes can be made into the same size which will make them easier to stack and thus maximise efficiency. Moreover, high-quality custom boxes will not easily collapse when stacked together while storing. This will reduce waste generation due to destroyed packaging. Customized boxes will also make your ecommerce shipping in India easy because they will make packing the boxes simpler and more space efficient while loading in delivery trucks.

  • Better look

Customized shipping boxes with your logo make your company appear more genuine and legitimate. This, in turn, will make the customers feel more comfortable while buying from your site again. It may also increase word of mouth referrals which helps in increasing your audience base. Moreover, first impressions play a very important role in creating a positive brand image. Therefore, you should put special care in making sure that your boxes are packed securely and shipped safely through a reliable ecommerce courier service. Apart from secure packing, you should also make sure that it is packed in such a manner that it can be opened conveniently.  

As mentioned before, make sure that your company logo is present and visible when your customers receive and open their shipment. That is because if they are pleased with the way the product arrived, they will be instantly reminded that it came from your company. Therefore, make sure that you create a great first impression with quality packing that stands apart. Customized shipping boxes that are made of high-quality material will help you attain that. Remember, apart from superior packing, efficient and on-time delivery is equally important to present a professional and authentic appearance. A reliable ecommerce shipping in India company can help you to make it possible.

  • Cost-efficiency

With custom packaging for your products, you will no longer need larger boxes for your requirements. This means that you do not have to pay extra for packaging. This will help your company save a significant amount of money on packaging over time. Also, customized packaging boxes can be purchased in bulk thus maximizing cost efficiency. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to be considerably more expensive than standard packaging. Apart from that, nowadays major ecommerce courier service companies charge for volume in addition to just weight. Therefore, custom boxes which are sized exactly according to the product size can help you save business money on shipping costs by reducing excess space and volume.

If you are not yet using custom packaging for shipping your products, then it is high time you consider the option. Especially if you are selling items that do not fit well in regular standard boxes or if you are unable to find quality boxes that can fit your products well. It is even more necessary if you are an online seller. That is because next to your ecommerce shipping in India, your product packaging is one of the most important interactions that your customers will have with your brand.

Therefore, in order to create a lasting impression with your customers you have to carefully focus on how your products are delivered to them and reach them. This means that your delivery and courier services also play a major role in that. That is why it is imperative to depend on an efficient courier service for your ecommerce shipping. As India’s leading logistics aggregator platform for online stores in India, ShipKaro can help you achieve that. The platform offers you the choice to choose from the services of multiple ecommerce courier services and find the most convenient and affordable one – making your ecommerce logistics simpler and cheaper.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch over to custom packaging combined with efficient logistics for your shipments in order to put your best foot forward. Have further tips on adding a personal touch to your packaging? Drop your suggestions below as comments and let us know.

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