5 Ecommerce Shipping Hacks to Keep Your Customers Happy

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The logistics part of an ecommerce business comes with all kinds of difficulties. Besides efficiently managing your products, orders, warehouse and packaging, managing ecommerce shipping can be a headache that any businessman would love to get rid of. However, without logistics, the smooth flow of your ecommerce business can come to a halt.

Therefore, instead of dreading this section of online business, it is better to understand how the process works. Once you properly comprehend the working of your logistics, you will realize that there is a lot you can do to improve your logistics and order fulfilment process. A few shipping hacks and a little help from your ecommerce courier service are all you need to keep your customers happy. Here are a few expert opinions on how you can improve your ecommerce logistics and fulfilment operations.

1.The More The Merrier

Of course, most customers will value free shipping. In fact, many customers are even willing to shop more and add more items to their cart to avoid delivery charges and earn premium shipping. This type of free shipping policy can help you increase your sales as well. Consequently, this increase in sales can help you recover the cost you incur from waiving your ecommerce shipping fee. However, free shipping is not the only attractive feature for all customers. Sometimes shoppers require a product immediately and are even willing to pay additional costs for the same.

Therefore, it is important to provide multiple options that balance the cost and delivery time. to achieve that, you need to take the time to explore different options that are provided by different couriers. Consider a partnership with multiple couriers or with a logistics platform like ShipKaro that can provide you with the services of multiple ecommerce courier services at a single platform. This way you can not only offer your customers flexible shipping options but also compare different couriers to find the best option for all your shipments.

2.Transparent delivery date and tracking updates

It goes without saying – your customers would want to know when their product will arrive. Therefore, provide an estimated delivery date before the checkout process, not after. A customer who orders a product from your site only to find out that the item will arrive a few days after they need it will not purchase from you again. Even if your ecommerce shipping durations are longer than you would have liked, do not hide it. Be upfront about it. This will help you earn credibility and trust.

However, don’t just stop there. Your customers will also like to know the moment their product is physically shipped. If the estimated delivery date changes, or if a window of delivery opens up, then your customers would like to know that as well. Make sure that you send all shipping updates and tracking information through text message or email. A reliable ecommerce courier service can help you achieve that. With ShipKaro logistics aggregator you can not only compare services of different couriers but also get real-time tracking details of all your shipments. Today’s information-hungry customers are eager for such updates. Therefore, to keep them happy, be sure to provide them with these details.

3. Take advantage of every courier’s strong point

Every courier has a strong point. Some couriers deliver faster while others offer more delivery locations. Only considering one factor while deciding the courier for your ecommerce shipping will not help your business in achieving success. To offer a unique service to your customer, you should be able to know the best available services and organize them cohesively in one platform. Here again, ShipKaro easily helps you achieve that. The platform lets you access the services of the leading shippers in the country from a single page. It helps you decipher which is the best partner for each of your order shipment based on many conditions like location, rate, delivery time, additional services etc. This way for all your orders you can offer the best ecommerce courier service to your customers and gain their loyalty.

4. Get creative with your packaging

This is a part of the ecommerce business that is often overlooked by most online sellers. However, what they don’t realise is that your packaging speaks a lot about your brand. On the one hand, it can help you reduce your shipping costs; while on the other hand, it can also act as a marketing tool for your business. How? Here’s how.

With smart packaging ideas, you can find packaging materials that are lighter and more durable than regular packaging boxes. This way you can create a significant difference in your overall product weight and your ecommerce shipping charges. Moreover, if you customize your product packages by printing your brand name and logo, you can create a quality first impression among your customers. This is why your packaging style can be a significant factor in customer satisfaction and hence, do not ignore that.

5. Leave the tensions to the professionals

If you do not wish to coordinate the activities of different logistics processes and courier companies, you could opt for the services of a third-party logistics service provider. However, choosing an ecommerce courier service is a major decision that could adversely affect the smooth running of your business, make sure you take your time and find a reliable partner. Look for a technology-based logistics platform that is scalable for your business and can help you automate your shipping operations.

With a logistics aggregator platform, you can further use the services of multiple shipping partners in one location and take your business to the next level. With ShipKaro logistics platform, you can go one step ahead and get your entire ecommerce shipping in one place. From wherever you are selling, be it your own website or a popular marketplace, you can sync all your orders into the platform and assign the best courier service for each product.

In conclusion, even though shipping and order fulfilment have their own set of difficulties, there are ways to overcome them and keep your customers happy. For more tips and tricks of ecommerce shipping reach out to us at ShipKaro. We are India’s leading ecommerce logistics experts, and we are always happy to help!

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