5 Important questions to ask before choosing a logistics platform in India

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Are you a small scale business owner? Or do you own a big ecommerce business with multiple products and a number of customers visiting your online store daily? No matter who you are, in the ecommerce industry you will always have to make efforts in order to survive. Moreover, in the era of cut-throat competition, constant efforts for being successful become a necessity.

For an ecommerce business to be successful, multiple factors need to be considered. The growth of an ecommerce business is directly proportional to the number of purchases made by the customers. Any online business cannot function without the ecommerce logistics solution which plays a key role in delivering the products efficiently. After all, customers always wait for the products to reach their doorstep soon.

Let’s take a look at one of the most efficient ways of managing logistics.

Choosing outsourced logistics solutions is the latest trend followed by most of the ecommerce business owners. But among the plethora of options available in the market, how do you choose the best fit for your online business?

Well, here is a set of important questions to be asked before choosing a logistics partner.

1. Do they provide end to end delivery?

The ecommerce industry has gone through drastic development since its evolution, still delivery of products remains one of the major areas of concern. This is why a logistics solution that provides end-to-end delivery becomes mandatory. Right from the point when the order is dispatched from the warehouse until the time it gets successfully delivered to the customer, the logistics provider is responsible for the entire process. Choose a platform that provides end-to-end delivery channels with efficient goods transportation along with first mile and last mile delivery facilities.

2. What coverage do they provide in terms of locations?

Delivering products with the help of in-house logistics stays limited to certain locations. Serving the customers at various locations and expanding your business can’t be done without a logistics provider. An ecommerce logistics solution that allows you to ship the products to 20000+ pin codes and also provides you integration for processing international shipments should be your preference. Say No to limited coverage and search for the logistics partners that provide Pan-India coverage for your ecommerce store.

3. How many internal resources need to be involved in the entire process?

The best way to avoid investment of time and human resources in the logistics process is by outsourcing logistics partners. Operations such as bulk order uploads and automatic order synchronization should be done easily without any manual intervention. Hence, NONE of the internal resources should be involved in the logistics process.

4. Is it a cost-effective option?

Underestimating the importance of logistics in ecommerce can cause harm to the entire business. At times entrepreneurs consider logistics as the secondary part and may fail in providing timely delivery of products. Customers are likely to choose some other online store if your product delivery service is not up to the mark. Thus, a third party logistics provider becomes a necessity which is specialized in providing quality services to the customers. But choose a logistics partner that provides competitive rates and services for locations with real-time rates. It is always a better and time-saving method rather than getting tied-up with individual shipping partners.

5. Is it integrated with the top delivery partners?

Ecommerce logistics aggregators are known for offering integration with multiple shipping partners. FedEx, Delhivery, BlueDart, Ecom Express, Holisol, Aramex are some of the big names in the logistics industry. Ensure that you keep your options for shipping to various locations open by getting easily integrated with the listed names. You can do so single-handedly by choosing a suitable logistics partner.

Answering these questions can definitely be helpful in making a right choice.

Is it difficult to find a platform which can be the perfect answer to all the queries?

Absolutely Not!

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