5 Key Features of a Reliable Logistics Service Provider

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We all know that logistics is not just about moving your goods from point A to point B. It involves several aspects including management of supply chain, warehousing, transportation and distribution. On top of it, there are also other things to consider like licenses, regulations, taxes, vehicles, etc. Efficiently managing all these aspects simultaneously requires constant effort. You could lose precious time over these time-consuming tasks. The time that you could otherwise use to concentrate on your core business.

Outsourcing your logistics to a third-party logistics service provider will let you get back to your business. However, choosing a logistics partner is a serious commitment. You have to ensure that the logistics company you choose will deliver your goods in good condition and within the stipulated time frame. Moreover, the company should be experienced enough to handle all the minor tasks associated with your logistics. While there are a lot of options to choose from, there are several factors that should be taken into account before making a final decision.

The process of selecting the right logistics service provider for your company can be quite time-consuming. But do not try to rush into it. That is because the right logistics partner can create a well-organized logistics service and help you run your business smoothly. On the other hand, an inefficient logistics partner can double up your work and even harm your company’s reputation.

Recognize your company’s strengths and weaknesses and look for a logistics service provider who can work accordingly. Understand the specifics of what you need from your logistics partner. Do you need services in remote corners of the country or are you just focusing on major cities? Are you looking for international shipping options as well? What kind of products are you planning to ship and do they require special care? Once you have an idea about your requirements, you can look for a logistics company that can provide a solution to all your needs efficiently.

With rich experience in handling logistics services for e-commerce companies, ShipKaro can proudly claim of helping several happy customers in streamlining their businesses. Our automated logistics service provider can manage your entire logistics requirement from pickup to delivery. To elaborate, here is a list of key features that you should be looking for while choosing a reliable logistics service provider. ShipKaro’s experienced team and failproof technical capabilities go beyond these functionalities to provide you seamless shipping.

Range of capabilities

While most logistics companies have a specific area of expertise, look for a company that provides a wide range of features within a single platform. The more support you get from a single provider, the more scalable and seamless your supply chain can be. Different businesses require different types of solution. The logistics service provider that you choose should be scalable enough to cater to your business model. Your business is growing and therefore your service provider should cater to your growing needs. For instance, a certain feature may not be a requirement for your current business model. However, it can become a requirement within a few months. So instead of trying to look for a new platform in near future, why not opt for a company like ShipKaro that offers you a range of features?

Customer service

This is one of the key features that you should be looking for in your logistics service provider. Logistics is an integral part of your business and therefore, without doubt, the relationship you maintain with your logistics partner should play an important role in your decision making. While this feature is difficult to ascertain early on in a logistics service provider, you can get an idea from their responsiveness and promptness to clear your queries. Moreover, you can consult their customers or look for references. We at ShipKaro understand that communication is key to any business. No matter the size of your organization, as your logistics partner we value your requirements and strive to fulfil them.


One of the most important factors to look for is the reputation of the logistics company and to understand how well established or experienced they are. Especially in handling a brand that works along with your same line. Look for someone who has prior experience in handling the types of products that you are looking to ship.

An experienced logistics service provider can anticipate several unexpected hurdles along the way and plan their best for any scenario. A reputed logistics company can always think ahead and manage cargo well. Irrespective of all the planning, things can still go wrong. Look for a partner who can handle these problems efficiently and provide youaprofessional customer service. As a well-established logistics aggregator company, ShipKaro has on-boarded the most reputed shipping partners that service a wide network of locations. It helps you determine the right delivery channels to attain optimal efficiency.


Your logistics service provider should be able to adapt to technological advances and create services that optimize operations and reduce costs. Some companies offer you options to track your individual orders through tracking numbers. Look for a logistics partner with the technological ability to scale with your business. Ask yourself, can this company customize their solutions to accommodate my needs? Can they respond to my growing company in the long run? With the right technology, ShipKaro can easily automate logistics processes and provide access to a number of shippers. It can also recognize problems in the supply chain and provide solutions to mitigate those.


Of course, the price is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a logistics service provider. It is important that your logistics services stay well within your budget. However, in search of the cheapest option, make sure that you are not missing out on useful features. While price is important, you need to look at the overall value that your logistics partner can add to your business. The ultimate goal is to find a company that can you run your business smoothly and efficiently. One of the easiest ways to do so is to look for a company that has a long history of proven success, working with reputed brands. As one of the leading logistics provider in India, ShipKaro’s discounted shipping rates are the most affordable and competitive in the market.

As we had earlier stated, finding a reliable logistics service provider for your company can be a difficult task. Your entire supply chain is dependent on the performance of your logistics provider and therefore it is crucial to make a wise decision. As an experienced logistics service provider, we at ShipKaro understand the crucial role that logistics plays in your e-commerce business. Therefore we constantly strive to attain efficiency for our clients’ supply chain management, every single time. Try ShipKaro for a smooth logistics experience at affordable prices.

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