5 Key- Prerequisites Of A Reliable E-Commerce Courier Service

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Are you sure that you are getting the best deal from your delivery services? With the festival season right around the corner, it can get tricky for online retailers in India to keep track of all the orders that are being sent out. Currently, many online retailers are failing to increase their profit rates and customer satisfaction because they rely on e-commerce courier services that don’t fully meet their needs. So how can you make sure that you are getting the best out of your logistics?

Choosing the right delivery company is essential to the success of any e-commerce business. Therefore, if you feel that your logistics partner fails to live up to your expectations and is unable to reduce your load on logistics, then maybe it is time for you to switch.

To shed a light on the same, ShipKaro has compiled a list of 5 major features that you should be looking for in a reliable courier service for your e-commerce business. Look out for these features in your existing e-commerce courier service to get an idea about the efficiency of the delivery service provider.

If you are on the lookout for a reliable and efficient logistics service provider for your e-commerce venture, here are 5 key features to focus on. While choosing a reliable e-commerce courier service may seem like a daunting task, with these pointers mentioned below, you are sure to find the one that best suits your requirements.


It goes without saying – if a brand is experienced in logistics, half the job is done. Logistics comes with a baggage of state-bound taxes and regulations, which may get tricky for an inexperienced online retailer. However, a logistics service provider that has ample experience in the field like ShipKaro can help you cruise your business through all the hurdles. Moreover, as a reliable e-commerce courier service, we can anticipate and predict the complications that can happen in transit and plan accordingly. There is just no amount of money to replace a service that is experienced and always has your back.

In order to understand the experience level of the logistics company, do a bit of research and look out for the clients that the company has. This will give you an idea about the kind of reputation that the company holds in the industry. Only an experienced and reliable e-commerce courier service can boast of leading e-commerce brands as their clients.

Delivery options

This is one of the key factors that help you determine the perfect logistics partner for your e-commerce business. Your efficient delivery services can generate repeat customers and consequently sustainable e-commerce profitability. As a logistics aggregator, ShipKaro can provide you with multiple options for your shipments in terms of speed of delivery and prices. This way you can ensure the fastest and the most cost-effective courier service for your orders. Moreover, in ShipKaro you can even split a multi-product order and individually assign different shipper for each product – letting you avail the most efficient logistics solutions through an e-commerce courier service.

Dynamic logistics services exceed your customers delivery expectations and create trust, loyalty and word of mouth referrals.


A successful e-commerce company should be able to create a customer base in as many locations as possible. To make this a reality, your logistics service provider should have delivery services in a large number of locations. This will help you expand your business to new markets and create a wider customer base for your business.

ShipKaro has delivery services to over 20,000 PIN codes in India, giving you the option to offer your business services to a larger audience. With ShipKaro, you no longer have to worry about losing potential customers due to lack of e-commerce courier service to their locations.

Customer service

While there are many logistics service providers who boast of speedy deliveries and multiple location services, the true mark of a reliable service provider is the one that values their customer and responds to their queries instantly. Moreover, your courier service is the face of your business. So, in turn, they become an extension of your brand. That is why a courier service with stellar customer service is bound to enhance your brand reputation among your customers.

With an efficient support network, ShipKaro as an e-commerce courier service offers superior customer service at all times. That is what makes the company one of the leading logistics brands in India.

User-friendly technology

With technology permeating almost every industry vertical, how can logistics be far behind? Although there are several companies now offering technology-enabled logistics services, most of those platforms are too difficult to manage and handle. The end-user working on the logistics platform may not be well-versed in technological advancements. That is why reputed logistics companies like ShipKaro offer user-friendly logistics platform for their customers that can be used by anybody. Loaded with features, you can find all the information needed for your e-commerce courier service in as little time as possible. Moreover, with the technology-enabled platform, it is also possible to track all your shipments in real time – giving you more transparency in your e-commerce business.

So, this is your five-point checklist for an efficient courier service. Now, go forth and research. These 5 key features will help you find a reliable courier service for your e-commerce business. However, if you’d prefer saving some time and money, consider using a logistics aggregator service such as ShipKaro. We provide you with the opportunity to work with the best e-commerce courier service in the country and help you avail fast and cost-effective shipments.

With integrated delivery services with India’s leading shipping partners, ShipKaro offers one of the most efficient and reliable logistics for e-commerce in the country. As a logistics aggregator, ShipKaro providesyoumultiple delivery options from different e-commerce courier services for your individual orders creating efficient delivery solutions every single time. Moreover, the technologically advanced platform creates a faster and more transparent logistics system. This ensures that you always stay ahead in this competitive field. With new e-commerce companies emerging every day, it is highly imperative to stand out from your competitors.

Need some help with shipping? ShipKaro is happy to help. Contact us to know in detail about our logistics services at affordable prices.

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