5 Tips to get the Best E-commerce Delivery Services in India during Festive Season

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In India, the festive season is right around the corner. For an e-commerce retailer, it is the peak season again. It is the time of the year that brings in the opportunity of acquiring new customers, enticing existing customers and overall creating a big splash for the brand. So, is your e-commerce delivery services in India well prepared to handle this surge in sales and ensure a seamless festive shopping experience for your customers?

Anyone who has been in the e-commerce business for a while now will know the importance of logistics as a competitive weapon for e-retailers. While smooth and hassle-free deliveries can boost customer satisfaction, failures in deliveries can adversely impact your brand reputation. This is particularly important during peak sales time. Your team should be well trained and prepared to handle the rush of orders and manage them well.

You may attract your customers with festive discounts and various other promotional offers. Since your audience base is already expected to be in a shopping spree, these promotional offers are sure to bring in more traffic to your site. However, in order to ensure a complete shopping experience for your customer, you have to make sure that their orders are delivered correctly, quickly and in an efficient manner. This can be achieved with the help of a professional and efficient e-commerce delivery service in India.

Relying solely on a single courier service for your e-commerce business during festive season can result in slower deliveries and higher prices. Moreover, it can create unsatisfied customers who might willingly shift to other e-commerce sites for a better shopping experience. That is why it is important to pay attention to your delivery services and ensure customer satisfaction.

The key in handling efficient deliveries during peak season is to depend on a logistics aggregator like ShipKaro, that provides you with the opportunity to compare multiple e-commerce delivery services in India for individual products and find the best option. With ShipKaro, you get access to multiple vendors in a single view. With just a few clicks you can compare prices and delivery dates offered by different vendors for a product and choose the most convenient options for you. From a multi-product order, you can split the delivery for each individual product and find the most cost-effective option every single time. This way ShipKaro not only helps you in saving money but also provides an efficient delivery service for every order.

Here are 5 ways in which you can get the best out of your e-commerce delivery services in India during the festive season:

Providing Multiple delivery options

With every key player in the e-commerce industry offering multiple delivery options to their customers, the expectations from your audience base is now higher. While some customers expect faster deliveries, some expect free shipping for every product. If you find it difficult to provide all the options, give the customer the option to choose. Here are a few delivery options you can provide the customer:

This is one of the most common promotions offered by e-retailers. This encourages the customer to purchase more from your site. The cost of shipping for e-commerce delivery services in India is thus easily mitigated through the extra sales. It’s a win-win situation for all.

  • Different delivery dates option with a corresponding price

If the customer is keen on speedy delivery, he/she may not shy away from paying extra for faster delivery options. If the customer is in no hurry, then they will definitely prefer a date that offers them free shipping.

Automated logistics

With technology now gaining access to almost every industry vertical, how can logistics be far behind? Automation of logistics management through technological intervention ensures faster deliveries with minimal errors. At ShipKaro, technology helps you to access multiple e-commerce delivery services in India in a single view. You can compare prices and delivery times for each courier service and make an informed decision. You can even split a multi-product order and assign different courier partners for individual products. This way you can save both time and money. You can also automatically get all your orders synced without any manual intervention. In just a few clicks you can pull your orders from every platform where you are selling and ship them.

At ShipKaro, you can also upload your orders in bulk and assign different shippers for them. You no longer have to process orders individually, thus saving you a lot of time. The minimal manual intervention also reduces the chances of making errors. With ShipKaro as your e-commerce delivery services in India, you can even schedule a personalised pick-up with your logistics partners.

Transparency in logistics

Irrespective of whether it is a festive season or not, it is important to ensure transparency in your logistics. ShipKaro helps you keep track of all your orders in real time. You can get information about the movement of your parcel in transit. You can share this information with your customers and keep them in the loop. This increases the trust that people have in your brand and enhances your brand reputation. Moreover, with such real-time information sharing though professional e-commerce delivery services in India, you can keep those erratic phone calls to customer service in check.

Multiple payment options

For Indian e-commerce shopper, multiple payment options is a must. This includes payment options through internet banking, debit/credit cards, digital wallets and payment on delivery. You can also attract your customers through EMI and exchange offers for specific products. Your logistics service provider must be equipped to cash/card on delivery options. With ShipKaro, you can easily get end-to-end support for your cash on delivery payment option.

Expand your reach

This festive season makes sure that you acquire new customers and capture new markets through your e-commerce delivery service in India. What is the point of providing promotional offers and seasonal discounts if you are unable to ship them across the country? That is why you need to partner up with ShipKaro as your logistics service provider to reach new markets and expand your customer base. With ShipKaro you get access to multiple couriers which helps you reach out to customers over a wider base. ShipKaro gives you delivery services to over 20000 PIN codes in India.

Keep in mind these 5 tips to ensure that you reap out maximum benefits from your e-commerce delivery services in India in this festive season. 

So, what are you waiting for? This festive season partner up with ShipKaro to get the best deal off your logistics services.

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