5 Tips to Improve your Deliveries with E-commerce Shipping in India

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What exactly does an efficient delivery strategy mean for an e-commerce business? Is it just about reaching the customer on time? Or does it include anything else? Let's make it simple for you - your delivery strategy involves everything related to the delivery of your products to the end customer. Which means it includes the information you share with your customer right from the beginning (that is when they place an order) up till the end (when the product is delivered to them). In short, it is one of the main factors that make your e-commerce business stand out from your competitors.

Even with competitive prices and wide selection, if you fail to stress enough on your delivery strategy, you may lose your customer’s faith. E-commerce shipping in India has advanced to a stage where the customers are well informed of their orders in real time. To stay ahead in the game, it is imperative that you have honed and streamlined your delivery strategies.

As a leading e-commerce logistics service provider in India, ShipKaro has rich experience in creating efficient delivery services for our clients. To help you improve your deliveries and ensure you attain customer satisfaction here are 5 tips from our expert panel:

Faster deliveries

this goes without saying – the faster you deliver, the happier your customer will be. So how to ensure speedy delivery of all your orders? The easiest way would be to depend on multiple shippers for your e-commerce shipping in India. However, communicating with different shippers for each order is time-consuming and is a waste of your resources.

This is why it is imperative that you invest in a logistics service provider that gives you access to different shippers. This not only ensures that you can compare prices and find the most affordable one but also look for the fastest one. All this on a single platform. No need to call each shipper and get quotes for your delivery. At ShipKaro, we go beyond these features and provide you with the option of splitting a single order among different shippers. This way, each product is delivered quickly and efficiently. For enhanced delivery services, you can use this feature for all your multi-product orders. Moreover, with multiple shippers, you can expand your e-commerce business in India. You can provide deliveries to a large number of locations at a faster pace.


E-commerce shipping in India has advanced to a stage where the entire logistics process can be viewed real time from a single platform. ShipKaro’s technology has provided retailers with end-to-end order visibility and real-time tracking of individual order. You need to make sure that these details are shared with the customer at all times. For each individual order, tracking information has to be provided. Shipment tracking is not only a common feature for online shopping these days but also a necessary one. Keeping your customers involved in the shipment status of their order keeps their faith and increases your customer satisfaction. Additionally, it also keeps those frantic calls from customers regarding their shipment at check. As your logistics service provider for e-commerce shipping in India, we are able to provide you with the option to update your customer with their shipment updates.

Timely updates and customer communication

With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to share timely updates with your customers about their orders. Unlike in traditional retail businesses, in e-commerce, an order fulfilment includes several steps and the involvement of multiple intermediaries. This means each step of the order fulfilment process happens while the end customer waits for the final product. This can often make them impatient. A good order management system is the one where the customer is kept informed and engaged through timely updates of their orders. This includes every step of the process like shipping, dispatch, delivery etc. As a reliable logistics service provider, ShipKaro offers digitised services for e-commerce shipping in India that can enable you to do the same.

COD option

About 50% of online shopping in India happens with Cash on delivery as the payment option. Therefore, for a successful e-commerce business in the country, it is important to provide your customers with the option to pay on delivery of the product. Multiple payment options provide your customers added choices to make their payment which ensures that your customer does not leave the purchase midway. At ShipKaro, we provide end-to-end support for your COD payment cycle for your e-commerce shipping in India.

Smooth returns and refunds

Returns and exchanges are also a part of the order fulfilment process of online shopping. That is why an equally efficient process is required to manage your returns and refunds. Merely spelling out your return policy on every page of your website is not enough. You also have to make sure that it is well executed. Disorganized returns and refunds can make your customers highly dissatisfied with your website and result in negative reviews. A large number of negative reviews can really harm your online presence and reputation. That is why as your logistics service provider for your e-commerce shipping in India, ShipKaro facilitates you in handling refunds and returns smoothly.

With numerous options for today’s online shopper, they rely on their overall customer experience with a particular brand to make a decision. Traditional marketing strategies like lowest prices or best products can no longer guarantee you sale. Whereas a positive delivery experience can encourage them to shop with the same brand again.

Unless you have the resources and time to manage all your logistics need, it is recommended that you depend on a third party for your shipping needs. However, you need to select the right logistics service provider for your e-commerce shipping in India. Opting for a reputed third-party provider like ShipKaro you allows you to access multiple shippers and help you expand your business. With ShipKaro you get technology-enabled services that will let you stay ahead in the game with analytics and real-time tracking.

One of the most popular mantras of a successful e-commerce business is to turn your customers into repeat customers. Your delivery strategy plays an important role in customer retention. This mainly means you need to deliver the goods, exactly as promised and on time. Additionally, you need to keep your customers in the loop as well to gain their trust. These pointers mentioned above will help you create an efficient delivery strategy for e-commerce shipping in India. And with ShipKaro as your logistics partner, you can easily achieve a successful delivery strategy for your e-commerce business. So, hurry up and sign up with ShipKaro and take your e-commerce business to the next level.

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