5 Tips to Manage Ecommerce Logistics for SMEs in India

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Small businesses have often struggled with efficient ecommerce logistics. With the growing demands of today’s online shoppers, it is now more challenging than ever to create seamless and effective order fulfilment system. As any business grows and starts getting more and more customers from different regions, the process of shipping can also become complex.

If you are also facing issues with your product shipment like untraceable or lost orders, delayed deliveries and unsatisfied customers, then it is probably high time you pause and take a detailed look at your ecommerce courier service and your entire logistics process. Some tweaks and variations in your shipping process can bring about major changes producing amazing results. In the long run, these alterations will prove to be an added bonus to gain the loyalty of your customers and increase repeat customers.

To help you easily manage your ecommerce shipping and streamline your delivery process, we have compiled a list of the top 5 tips that you can apply to your ecommerce business for efficient shipping.

  1. Get the services of third-party ecommerce logistics service provider

As a small business, one of your biggest constraints will be budget. Therefore, the upfront cost of partnering up with a reputed third-party service provider may seem like an expensive affair. However, if you compare that to the hassles of handling an in-house logistics team for your business, you will realize that the services of a third-party provider are much cheaper and reliable. You not only need extra human resources for managing the logistics in-house but also require additional time and money in hiring staff, coordinating deliveries and handling returns and refunds at various transit points.

With the services of an ecommerce courier service, the process becomes much more simplified and streamlined. So how to choose a courier service that is ideal for your business? The answer is simple – choose multiple couriers. Why? Let us explain.

While some courier companies are good with coverage and reach but they may be high on cost. Whereas, others may be good in both but may be poor in the level of service and technical capabilities. So how to easily avail the services of multiple couriers for your ecommerce logistics. There is a simple solution – use the services of a logistics aggregator platform. For example, ShipKaro logistics aggregator platform offers the services of multiple courier companies to its clients. You can easily compare prices and delivery time among different shippers and find the most convenient option for all your products. By splitting a multi-product order and assigning different shippers for each product you can further economize your shipping process.

  1. Provide multiple shipping options

Many online shoppers are now ready to pay for premium value-added ecommerce courier services. In order to keep your customers happy and to ensure that your order and delivered on time, you should offer multiple shipping options like free delivery, express courier etc. to your customers. Usually, customers prefer free shipping over express deliveries. However, even if one potential customer ends up on your competitor’s site because you were unable to offer faster shipping, you might lose a considerable number of customers in the longer run. That is why it is important to rely on an ecommerce logistics provider that will offer you faster and affordable shipping options at the same time. Here again, the ideal way would be to depend on a logistics aggregator platform that is offering the services of multiple couriers.

In short, in order to retain your customers, make sure that you offer them multiple shipping options and let them make the choice for their shipment.

  1. Provide streamlined order fulfilment to the customers

Unlike a brick and mortar store, online shopping cannot provide your customers with the instant gratification of having their product in their hands. However, with the help of an efficient ecommerce courier service, you can replicate the experience by trying to bring them as close to a real shopping experience as you can.  

Your customers would want to have access to a flawless and informed delivery service after they have purchased a product from your site. This can become a little tricky as once the shipment leaves your warehouse, things are not entirely in your control. However, by providing detailed tracking and support services of the customer order enquiries, you can easily keep your customers well-informed about their order through your ecommerce logistics. You can inform them through SMS notification or email in order to update them every time their order passes important transit points while shipping.

  1. Optimize your packet sizes

You need to optimize your packet sizes for shipping if you wish to economize your logistics charges. These days, different courier companies have different parameters to charge for a packet. This ranges from weight to volume to delivery location etc. However, package weight remains one of the most common parameters to decide the shipping charge for any ecommerce courier service. You can optimise you packet size by dividing orders into smaller packets or using lightweight packing materials to reduce shipping charges. Further, you can offer free shipping to the customer if they purchase more. This way you can not only increase sales but can also club and ship both products together.

  1. Offer easy returns

Even with quality products, affordable pricing and efficient delivery service, you will have to often face returns of your products. While it is definitely a hassle to process product returns, it is a necessary part of online shopping and you can handle it easily with a reliable ecommerce logistics service provider. Also, offering free returns can go a long way in boosting customer confidence and increasing your chances of repeat customers.

Moreover, always provide an easy to understand return, refund and reshipment policy to your customers and keep them informed of the process. The faster you handle a product return, the higher are your chances of customer satisfaction.

We hope that these tips will be helpful to improve the performance of your logistics management. If you have any more suggestions or ideas to manage the ecommerce logistics of SMEs in India, feel free to share them in the comments section below.  

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