5 Tips to reform your E-Commerce delivery services with ShipKaro

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What do you think is the main link between your online business and your end customer? Of course, it is the product that they expect from you. So, when there are multiple vendors selling the same product or the same kind of product, what makes you better than the rest? You guessed it right – it is the way you deliver the product.

With major e-commerce companies bringing in innovative delivery strategies, e-commerce delivery service in India has undergone some extensive changes. The customers today expect online marketers to provide more personalized and more efficient delivery services in order to accommodate their busy schedule.

How important is your delivery strategy?

According to a recent study by Research Now on behalf of MetaPack, online shoppers do not hesitate to leave an online purchase mid-way if the delivery option is not according to their requirements. In the same survey, it was revealed that consumers prefer one retailer over other if the delivery options are more appealing. This could mean faster delivery options and better time scheduling options. For e-commerce delivery service in India, Cash on Delivery as a payment option is another very important delivery strategy. So if your online shopping site, does not account for convenient delivery strategies, you may lose out on potential customers.

This clearly shows how online retailers who continue to give emphasis only on changing the website and other front-end capabilities are missing out on a more substantial prospect to generate sales. If you feel that even with unique products and attractive prices, you are not garnering enough conversions, then maybe it is time to change your delivery strategy. Or if you feel that you are not able to drive conversions through repeat customers then you really need to take a look at your e-commerce delivery service in India.

Why evaluating your supply chain is key to the success of your online business?

If you are delivering your products through your in-house logistics team, then you need to improve on your current delivery system. However, this is a very time-consuming process and not all e-commerce companies can afford this. Unless you have the resources to invest solely towards logistics, the most practical and affordable option is to depend on a reputed third-party logistics service provider who can take care of your entire logistics needs. This includes your delivery services as well. Although there are several shipping companies in India, it is very difficult to find the best e-commerce delivery service in India.

The most convenient option is to find a logistics service provider that gives you access to multiple shipping partners on a single platform. ShipKaro logistics services, not only gives you integrated logistics solutions with different shippers but also automates your entire logistics. In one single platform, you can now compare different courier services and find the most efficient one for your order shipment. Apart from these features, ShipKaro can help you streamline your business by taking care of all your logistics requirements and letting you focus on your core business.
Here are 5 ways in which ShipKaro can help you reform your e-commerce delivery service in India:

Multiple shipping partners

As mentioned earlier, ShipKaro lets you get integrated solutions with multiple shipping partners and allows you to compare your shipping options. This gives you choices in terms of shipping charges and delivery time. You can choose the most efficient option to give your customer a smooth delivery. With most e-commerce companies offering one-day shipping and two-day shipping, it is only fitting to find the fastest option for all your orders.

COD cycle support

Cash on delivery accounts for almost half of all payments for e-commerce in India. Therefore, to ensure a successful business, you have to depend on an e-commerce delivery service in India that provides you with the provision for cash on delivery payment option. ShipKaro gives you complete end-to-end support for your COD payments. Now make sure you do not lose your customers due to limited payment options. Expand your customer base with COD payments options to a wide number of locations.

Technology-enabled services

With technological innovations, today’s logistics industry has undergone a lot of changes and has automated most of the services. This makes your business more efficient and simpler. In one single platform, you can view quotes from different shippers for a single order and choose the fastest and the most affordable one. With ShipKaro e-commerce delivery service in India, you can even split a multi-product order and assign different shipping partner for each product. This way you can optimize your delivery time and cost to the maximum. Moreover, you can eliminate manual errors with the provision to upload your orders in bulk. You can also schedule your pickup time with your shipping partner according to your convenience. Here again, no need for manually contacting the courier service. With ShipKaro’s technology-enabled services you can avail all these features in a single platform.

Shipping Tracking

This is one of the most important features that you need to implement in your e-commerce delivery service in India. With major e-commerce companies offering shipment tracking options at every stage, make sure that your business doesn’t stay back. Let your customers be aware of their order location. This increases the faith of the customer in your service and puts them at ease. The more information you provide to your customers, the better it is for your brand reputation.

Wide Coverage

It is no secret that the more area you are able to deliver your products, the wider your customer base is. So, widen your audience reach and capture new markets with ShipKaro e-commerce delivery service in India. We have delivery services in over 20000+ PIN codes across India. Which means you can now reach every corner of the country and expand your customer list.


We understand the importance of efficient delivery service in your e-commerce business. We understand that every bad experience that your customers feel with the delivery is automatically associated with your brand and can harm your brand reputation. We also understand that as an e-commerce business your main priority is to fulfil the customer’s order in the shortest possible timeframe, with utmost dependability, and at minimum cost. That is why, as an efficient e-commerce delivery service in India, we always strive to create customized solutions for your logistics requirements that are scalable according to your business.

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