Beginners guide to choosing the best logistics solution for e-commerce

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Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur struggling with exponential growth? Or maybe you have had rapid growth and now it seems stalled? Even with quality products and an attractive website, if you feel your sales rate is not going up, then maybe it is time you focus your attention on your logistics and delivery service.

Maintaining an in-house logistic solution for e-commerce efficiently is not only time consuming but may also require a large chunk of your resources. That is why outsourcing your logistics to a third-party service provider will free up your time and let you focus more on your core business. But, there is a lot to be considered when you outsource your logistics services.  Efficient supply chain management requires experience, cost analysis and careful planning.

In order to ensure that your e-commerce venture grows and succeeds, you need to find the support of a logistics provider with a good balance between your budget and your requirements. It requires careful analysis to determine the ideal logistics service provider for your e-commerce business. So, before you make the final call, here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Will the proposed logistic solution for e-commerce offer more than one in-house service? It would be a great money saver for your logistics budget.
  • Is it a single courier service or is it a logistics aggregator? An aggregator provides services from multiple shipping partners on a single platform – thus giving you access to multiple shipping choices.
  • Do they have state-of-the-art logistics services? Shipping label generation and real-time tracking are extremely important features for transparent logistics services.
  • Does the service provider offer automated logistics management? Automation in logistics ensures minimal manual errors and more efficient deliveries.
  • Is the logistic solution for e-commerce a national or local shipper? For an all-India e-commerce business, a national logistics service with a wide coverage of locations is a must.
  • What are the reference testimonials for the proposed logistics provider? An efficient logistics company will hold reputed clients.  
  • How many locations does the logistics provider cover? Expand your customer base with delivery to a large number of locations.
  • Does the logistics provider offer easy pickup and delivery services? Some technology-enabled logistics portals provideschedulingfor pickups and deliveries.
  • Is the proposed logistic solution for e-commerce experienced in handling e-commerce logistics? It would be an added advantage if they have experience in your industry vertical.
  • Does the provider offer support for COD payment cycle? Cash on delivery payment mode is a must for a successful e-commerce venture in India.
  • Is the provider well versed with advanced technology enabled logistics services? Scalable logistics systems will help in the expansion of your business.
  • What is the pricing plans they offer? Discounted shipping rates and minimal upfront cost for setting up an account with a logistic solution for e-commerce are additional ways to make savings.

Along with these generic questions, take into account a variety of questions that are specific to your business type and your business requirements. For example, understand your business model and identify your customer base. This will, in turn, give you an idea about the requirements of your customer in terms of delivery.

Additionally, get a detailed look into the service provider’s flow of information. This includes a smooth exchange of information in your supply chain channel. Real-time updates and automated logistics management will help you get greater transparency and a smooth transition. This is particularly important for e-commerce logistics.

As a leading logistics service provider in India, we at ShipKaro understand that logistics is the backbone of your e-commerce business. By investing in a logistic solution for e-commerce, you are handing over a very important part of your business to a third party. With a team of qualified and experienced logistics experts, we ensure that our logistics solutions help you streamline your e-commerce business. With ShipKaro as your logistics partner, you can sit back and relax and let the experts do what they do best to efficiently optimize your logistics. We are not just a service provider, but also a partner dedicated to making your logistics the best it possibly can be.

Here are a few benefits of having ShipKaro as your logistics partner for e-commerce:

  • Gain experience, lose additional costs: It takes time and money to train, run and optimize an efficient logistics team. Instead, using the experience of a team of logistics experts through ShipKaro as your logistics solution for e-commerce will not only help your business but also greatly reduce your logistics expenditure.
  • Leverage our resources: ShipKaro has access to multiple shipping partners and can give you better choices to find the best possible carriers for your orders. You can compare prices and delivery time and make sure that you provide a great shopping experience to your customers.
  • Access to technology-enabled logistics: Creating software specifically for your logistics can be difficult and expensive. Also, it is time-consuming to design one that is comprehensive and covers everything that is required to run your e-commerce logistics effectively and efficiently. However, ShipKaro logistic solution for e-commerce has a logistics system that is exclusively dedicated to supplying chain management. We have already done ample research and created a system that makes e-commerce logistics simpler. By constantly updating to include innovative solutions, we make sure that your supply chain is optimized.
  • Handling risk management: We have experience in handling safety regulations, carrier contracts and other aspects of logistics. Therefore, our efficient logistic solution for e-commerce can responsibly manage the entire delivery process and ensure that your customers receive the right product without any damage.
  • Constant logistics innovation: While you invest in innovative ideas to market your products, understand your customer base and improve your customer service, we will be innovating our business to help yours grow. In the constantly changing logistics industry, ShipKaro is always innovating new and simpler solutions to create efficient businesses for our clients.

ShipKaro is a logistic solution for e-commerce that has integrated services with multiple shippers. This ensures that you have maximum coverage at minimum prices. Also, we provide you with the option of splitting a multi-product order among different shippers – based on their prices and their delivery time. This way, it is entirely up to you to decide the courier you want for your individual product. You can save time and money for each product, thus aggregating to additional savings.

At ShipKaro, we understand each customer’s unique business model and requirement and strive to deliver customized services at competitive prices. Our technology-enabled solutions, combined with our experienced and dedicated team of experts, ensure that your orders reach their customers on time and in perfect condition.

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