Checklist for finding a reliable logistic solution for e-commerce

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Losing valuable time over package delivery and parcel carrier companies? Even after a lot of effort, still facing issues involving your supply chain, logistics and deliveries? Then it is high time you upgrade your logistic solution for e-commerce and focus on creating an efficient supply chain management. As your company grows, it is important to focus on what you are delivering to the customers and how efficiently you are doing it. Traditional business models are evolving and so are traditional logistics processes to accommodate this change. With the advancement in technology, logistics companies have now shifted to technology-enabled logistics solutions that can help you streamline your business efficiently at every stage. From pick up to delivery, technology equipped solutions have now changed and simplified the way the e-commerce logistics works.

Although there are several companies offering a logistic solution for e-commerce in India, it is important to ensure that you are investing in the right one. Relying on a third party for your logistics is not only an economic investment but also an opportunity to enhance your brand reputation.

Therefore, even though it is a difficult decision, make sure you find the right one because a reliable logistics partner can save you time and stress.
ShipKaro is one of India’s leading e-commerce logistics service provider and has a foolproof track record of delivering efficient delivery services every single time. Our team brings in their expertise, speed and knowledge to solve every industry’s supply chain problems. We are equipped to stretch, bend and flex to meet our customer’s needs and ensure smooth logistics.

However, if you are still confused about how to choose, here is a checklist of the things to look out for in an efficient logistic solution for e-commerce.

What are the services the logistics company provides?

Along with fulfilling the basic logistics requirement of delivering your orders to the customers, find out the extent of services that are provided by the logistics company. Technology enabled logistics services are equipped with a wide range of services that help you streamline your business by simplifying complex processes.

Moreover, there are logistics service providers that provide integrated services with multiple shippers at one single platform. With such companies, you can easily gain access to multiple delivery schedules and multiple quotes for your single order. You can compare prices of different orders among different shippers and find the most convenient logistic solution for e-commerce. ShipKaro offers you the services of multiple shippers and lets you choose the most cost-effective and the fastest shipper for your individual products. In just a few clicks you can thus ship your orders in the most affordable and the fastest way possible.

Does the company have a wide reach of delivery locations?

Look for the number of PIN codes the company offers delivery services too. The higher the number, the wider your reach will be. ShipKaro provides you integrated services with multiple shipping partners, thus granting you access to a wide range of delivery locations. This is necessary for expanding your business and reaching out to new markets. Also, having multiple shipping partners at one single logistic solution for e-commerce can give you multiple choices in terms of shipping costs and delivery time.

Does the company provide technology-enabled solutions?

To stay ahead in the cut-throat competition, it is necessary to rely on technology solutions for your business. This includes your logistics as well. Digitally equipped logistics services can now make your logistics simpler, faster and more efficient. As a state-of-the-art logistics service provider, ShipKaro can easily automate your entire logistics and efficiently deliver your orders. You can now easily generate shipping labels and sync your orders automatically with minimal manual intervention and thus minimize errors. You can even upload orders in bulk and save time. Moreover, with digital tracking features in ShipKaro logistic solution for e-commerce, you can easily track your orders from pickup to delivery. With customers expecting order information at every stage, tracking facility is now an extremely necessary feature. You can send regular updates to the customer keeping them informed of their individual orders.

Does the company offer cost-effective solutions?

This is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a logistics partner. An efficient logistics company can provide you with quality services at affordable prices. Here again, a company that gives you logistics solutions with multiple logistics partners can provide you different price ranges for your individual orders. You can choose the most cost-effective logistic solution for e-commerce to further reduce your charges. With ShipKaro you also have the option of splitting a multi-product order among multiple shippers. This way you can compare the prices and the delivery time for each individual item as compared to each order. Consequently, you can greatly reduce your prices by using the services of different courier services for each product.

Does the company have reputed clients?

Only a reliable and efficient logistics company can boast of big brands on their client list.
A good look at the clients the company has will give you an idea of the experience and the reputation the brand holds as a logistic solution for e-commerce. Experience in logistics is a paramount factor in understanding the reliability of the company. This is because an experienced company will know the ins and outs of the logistics industry. They can even predict the hurdles on the way and help you plan an efficient logistics strategy. With rich experience in handling e-commerce logistics, ShipKaro even offers you personalised features like the option of scheduling pickup with your logistics partner at your convenience.

Does the company have innovative delivery solutions?

Your delivery strategy plays an important role in creating a lasting impression on your customers. Along with making sure that your customer receives the right order, well-packed and without any damage, it is also necessary for the logistic solution for e-commerce to ensure that the entire experience was comfortable for the customer. This includes frequent alerts about the shipment, delivery slots according to the customer’s convenience and above all, faster deliveries. Some logistics companies go beyond these functionalities and offer added services like Cash on Delivery as a payment option. For a successful e-commerce venture in India, it is extremely necessary to depend on a logistics company that provides support for COD payment since almost half of the e-commerce payments happens through COD. That is why as a reliable logistic solution for e-commerce in India, ShipKaro provides you with fast and efficient delivery services along with end-to-end COD support cycle. 

Logistics is the most important and integral part of your e-commerce venture. Also, it can drain out a lot of your time and money unless you have the bandwidth and resources to manage it well. That is why it is imperative to rely on an efficient logistic solution for e-commerce in India for a successful business. With ShipKaro, you can expect unparalleled logistics solutions every single time helping you reach every corner of the country. So, sign up with ShipKaro for efficient supply chain management and automated logistics for your e-commerce business.

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