Do’s and Don’ts of ecommerce shipping

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Shipping is not only about packing a product in a box, but it also means ensuring the product reaches the customer in time. In order to make this possible, choosing a reliable ecommerce shipping and courier partner is the foremost task that needs special attention.

While handling multiple tasks at a time, business owners often end up making a not-so-efficient choice when it comes to the shipping process. This can result in making mistakes that may affect them in future. For example, an online business owner who has chosen a single courier company may face complications in shipping multiple orders at a time with a single carrier. Thus, it is always better to invest some time in research before making a final decision.

It becomes easier to strategize your shipping solution if you have a clear understanding of the do's and don'ts for your supply chain. For your ease, we have listed a set of Do’s and Don’ts that you must take care of while picking up a suitable shipping solution.

The Do's

Do believe in automated shipping

An online store may receive numerous orders in a day at certainoccassionslike festivals and various offers. It is just not possible to process every single shipment manually at such peak time. Tasks such as invoice generation, order uploading, shipping label creation, shipping rate calculation etc cannot be handled manually for multiple orders. It is always a better choice to go for a completely automated ecommerce shipping and courier partner that helps in reducing human efforts as well as errors.

Do display your shipping locations without fail

You may bedeliveringto a limited set of locations or serving the customers across the globe. No matter what the situation is, you should always display the shipping locations to your customers.You can include Pincode lookup on the product page so that your customer can check if the product can be shipped to their area. This way, you can save a lot of time of your customer and abandon carts for yourself.

Do offer multiple payment options

Offering limited payment option to customers can directly affect your sales. In order to provide the ease of shopping, it is necessary to pick an ecommerce shipping and courier partner that allows Cash on delivery as well as the prepaid option to the customers for processing their payments.

The Dont's

Don’t display the extra shipping charges(if any) at the checkout page

For any particular product, if you are adding shipping costs then do not display it on the checkout page. It is observed that customers are likely to leave a site on the checkout page if they see any additional costs involved. It is always a better practice to inform the customers about the extra charges prior to the checkout so that they can make a clear decision and the chance of cart abandonment is reduced.

Don’t choose a single logistics partner for fulfilling your shipping needs

You may be tied up with a logistics company that ships your products to the customers in time and provides hassle-free delivery. Thus it is always wiser to have more than one options available for fulfilling your shipping needs. You can choose a shipping solution company that provides integration with the top logistics companies like FedEx, Blue Dart, DTDC, Holisol etc. By integrating with these companies, you can always have a backup, deliver to more locations and the facility to ship using the most suitable logistics partner.

Don’t pay from your pocket for free shipping

One of the most effective ways to convince customers to buy products from your store is by providing them free shipping. But this can be a little burdensome for you if you do not plan it out. Ensure that if you are offering free shipping then you should not be bearing the cost involved in the same. Often small business owners are scared of offering free shipping as they do not have enough budget. But with the help of a reliable shipping solution company you can offer free shipping to the customers. Using techniques like increasing the cost of the products and including the shipping charges in the actual cost is one solution. You can also offer free shipping by setting a minimum order value due to which the customers will buy more products at a time.

We hope that you are convinced and will take care of all the tips provided. If you are looking for a full-fledged shipping solution that covers all the Do’s and Don’ts then you don’t need to invest your time in searching because we have an ultimate solution for you.

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You can thank us later.

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