Ecommerce Courier Service for Small Businesses: A Handy Guide to Saving More

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If you are a small business owner and new to ecommerce then your main area of focus will be to reach a larger audience base and consequently grow your business. While focussing on these objectives, you may overlook one of the most important aspects of your online business – your ecommerce shipping in India. Managing shipping or logistics operations efficiently is one of the most critical and the most important aspect of running an online store – especially for a small business enterprise. Moreover, it may take a lot more of your time and resources than you had anticipated. Time and money that you could have used on growing your core business. So, how to efficiently tackle this critical part of your business? In order to answer that. We need to start from the basics.

What exactly is logistics? Is it just about transporting your product from point A to point B? If that is it, can’t I just depend on an ecommerce courier service and be done with it? The answers to these questions are not quite simple and require some explanations. Let us discuss this in detail.

First things first – logistics in ecommerce is not just about mere transportation of your product from a warehouse to your customers. It includes the entire order fulfilment processes involving storing goods, generating shipping labels, packing orders and shipping them to buyers. If you are selling through multiple platforms like marketplaces, social media sites along with your own website, then the process gets even more complicated. So how to find an efficient way of ecommerce shipping in India that will make the whole process simpler and hassle-free? Thanks to technology, your entire logistics process can be easily streamlined and simplified through the services of a technology-enabled logistics aggregator platform. Moreover, you can save money and time if you depend on an experienced and feature-rich aggregator platform. How? Let’s discuss further.

In this guide, we will examine the different ways of saving money and other resources through your logistics and the services of a third-party ecommerce courier service. One thing to note is that you can lose time and money handling logistics and delivery on your own if you do not have the efficient systems and scalability of a big ecommerce business. Therefore, for a small business enterprise, it is always recommended to rely on the services of an established logistics company. Especially one that is experienced in handling ecommerce clients.

While there are several courier companies in the market, how to find the one that helps you save the maximum? Here are a few tips to find ecommerce shipping in India that can help you achieve that.

  • Look for a platform that gets all your orders in one place: As mentioned before, you may be selling your products on different marketplaces and other platforms for expanded reach and additional conversions. It is a good practice for increasing sales but can be complex when trying to ship them correctly. An ideal way is to rely on logistics software that will automatically sync all your orders from all your selling platforms. This way you can get all your orders in one single page and easily send them off to shipping through an ecommerce courier service. A logistics aggregator with a state-of-the-art platform can help you easily achieve that. This way you can not only simplify the whole process but also save a lot of your time. Additionally, with automatic sync, you can make sure that you do not lose any sales and deliver all your orders.
  • Find a way to automatically generate shipping labels: There are a lot of options to achieve that. You can use the courier website directly, or use a third-party aggregator platform that lets you compare and choose the best option for ecommerce shipping in India. Automatically generating shipping label corresponding to each product without manual interference will minimize errors and make the process easier. Here again, you save a lot of time, leaving you with excess time to focus on your core business.
  • Compare courier companies to find the cheapest option: It goes without saying. Just like with every other purchase you make, for your ecommerce shipment, you have to compare the rates of different companies in order to find the most affordable option. However, it is easier said than done. Most ecommerce courier services have different parameters that affect their shipping rate. This may differ for each product you sell. So how do you find the cheapest shipping option for every single product? It seems rather time-consuming and tedious to communicate with each seller every time you make a sale. The ideal option here is to depend on a logistics aggregator platform that gives you the option of price comparison. This way, without wasting any time you can easily compare the quotes provided by different couriers for your individual product.

Remember, in order to get the most affordable option, look for an ecommerce shipping in India that gives you the option of splitting a multi-product order and lets you choose different sellers for each product. This is one of the easiest ways to save extra money, especially if you are a small business entrepreneur.

  • Expand your coverage with multiple shipping partners: By relying on the services of several courier companies, you can reach out to a wider customer base and even capture new markets. This again can be easily achieved through the services of an aggregator platform that offers a comparison between different ecommerce courier services. It will not only help you save more but also help you get new customers.

The bottom line is that for a small business enterprise running an online store, the most convenient way to handle their logistics is to depend on a third-party logistics aggregator platform. Remember, your main objective is to grow and expand. So, look for a partner that is flexible and scalable to accommodate your growing business needs.

ShipKaro logistics aggregator platform is an all-in-one shipping provider that offers price comparison, logistics automation, tracking facility and many such features that helps newbies and SMEs in ecommerce. Our solutions for ecommerce shipping in India can help you to easily manage costs end-to-end all along streamlining your logistics processes.

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