Everything you wanted to know about FedEx Rates and Shipping

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Looking for the easiest and the most affordable way to ensure reliable and hassle-free shipping for your e-commerce business? The key to this lies in choosing a professional logistics partner for your shipments. What better way than to rely on the world’s leading logistics brand - FedEx shipping.

If you are wondering on how to get the most affordable FedEx rates for all your consignments then ShipKaro is the answer.

The technology enabled logistics platform provided by ShipKaro simplifies the complex process of logistics and makes it easier for you. Without manual intervention, you can get all your orders synced automatically on ShipKaro.

Moreover, as a logistics aggregator, ShipKaro provides access to multiple courier services in India for your e-commerce business. We have integrated our services with some of the leading names in logistics in order to provide our clients with quality service every single time. This includes global leaders in logistics FedEx Shipping. FedEx is one of the most common names in logistics and is trusted by businesses of all size.

FedEx is one of the most popular courier service used by ShipKaro customers. With a wide coverage area and a wide range of services, FedEx is extensively used for commercial consignments. Moreover, depending on the urgency of the consignment, FedEx offers various delivery services at different price rates.  

We believe that as an e-commerce retailer, it is important to know in detail about the courier service that you are planning on using for your shipments. That is why we have decided to brief you on the services of FedEx shipping in detail. The shipping charges offered by FedEx India is dependent on the source, destination and weight of the consignment. So, here are a few things you need to know about FedEx shipping rates in India.

FedEx – The logistics partner you are considering

FedEx is one of the leading logistics brands serving globally. The company offers delivery services in more than 220 countries and territories. Extended air route authorities combined with strong transportation infrastructure and information technology has made FedEx the world’s largest transportation company.

The best services offered by FedEx

FedEx began its operations in India in 1984 and has introduced domestic delivery services specifically designed for the Indian market. Following are the services offered by the company in India

FedEx Priority Overnight

FedEx Standard Overnight

FedEx Express Saver



Express Delivery


Non-commercial consignments and documents

Commercial consignments

Ground consignments

Delivery time

For selected destinations, it provides next business day and for other destinations, it is 2-3 days

For selected destinations, it provides next business day and for other destinations, it is 2-3 days

For not so urgent deliveries

As of now, ShipKaro offers FedEx Standard Overnight and FedEx Express saver services

Ancillary Services

FedEx also offers a range of value-added ancillary services:

  • Collect on Delivery (COD)
  • Delivery on Invoice Acceptance (DIA)
  • Freight On Value (FOV)
  • Freight to Collect (FTC)
  • Hold at FedEx Location (HAL)
  • Heavy Weight Shipping

FedEx rates

The shipping rates for your consignment through FedEx service will vary depending on the weight of your shipment, and the source and destination you are sending the consignment. Also, it depends on the service you wish to use for shipping. FedEx India has categorized Indian cities into specific zones which help you calculate the FedEx rates. Moreover, while calculating the weight of the shipment dimensional weight (DIM) is applicable when the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight.

Shipping rates are higher for FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx Standard Overnight services. Here again, the shipping charges will vary according to the weight. While for FedEx Priority Overnight, the charges vary for every half kilo, the same is not the case for FedEx Standard Overnight.

Integration of FedEx with ShipKaro is very easy

No extra effort is required to use FedEx as your courier service through ShipKaro. FedEx services are already integrated with ShipKaro – which means you can instantly start using the services of FedEx shipping for your shipments. If you already have an account with FedEx, you can integrate the same with ShipKaro on the settings page of your ShipKaro account. This feature is available in the Enterprise plan of ShipKaro.

Perks of using FedEx with ShipKaro Account

It is true that you can always use the services of FedEx logistics through a FedEx account. However, accessing the same services through ShipKaro provides multiple benefits alongside. ShipKaro takes your e-commerce logistics to the next level and provides you access to multiple shipping options.

  • Faster deliveries: ShipKaro gives you easy and simple access to faster delivery options
  • Affordable rates: Through ShipKaro you get discounted rates for your parcels while using FedEx logistics services.
  • Automated logistics management: With just a few clicks, you can now easily manage your entire logistics and save time and money.
  • Real-time tracking: You can keep track of all our shipments in real time through FedEx courier tracking feature and keep your customers informed.


We hope to have provided you with useful insights on FedEx in India and how ShipKaro can help you reap the maximum benefits of your FedEx. As a leading logistics aggregator in India, ShipKaro offers easy integration with multiple courier services in India and helps you get affordable and efficient shipping for your e-commerce business every single time.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free and start exploring the multiple features of ShipKaro and FedEx Shipping. Also, leave a comment and let us know your valuable feedback.

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