Frequently asked questions by the ecommerce shipping clients

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You own an online store with attractive products listed on it. You also wish to easily deliver the products listed in your store to the customers who have ordered it.

How do you do that?

You choose one of the top logistics providers in India and create the supply-chain for your ecommerce business.

Is your job done after this? Obviously not! There is a lot more to do that requires a bit of knowledge about logistics.

As a client, what do you do when you have any queries regarding your shipments?

You Google everything and try to find the best answers for your doubts. At times, it may be easy to get your queries answered and at times you may need to put some extra efforts. But is it always a good option to ask Google’s help for your queries? Isn’t it a time-consuming task? Isn’t it a better option to choose a logistics provider that can help in getting all your queries answered.

Isn’t it a suitable option to choose ShipKaro as your logistics partner? With ShipKaro, none of your queries remains unanswered.

Here is a set of frequently asked questions by the clients using the top logistics providers in India along with the suitable answers by ShipKaro.

Take a look!

What is Courier?

When any article, document,letteris packaged and sent using a logistics service, you can call it as a  "courier".

What are the top courier companies in India?

Some of the well-known courier companies in India providing services throughout the country are FedEx, Aramex, Xpressbees, Delhivery etc. Finding a logistics platform that can provide integration with all the listed courier companies can always be a plus. You can enjoy the services of all these logistics companies by choosing ShipKaro as your logistics partner.

Where can I get affordable courier rates?

If you wish to search for affordable courier services, you need to compare the rates provided by various logistics providers. As the rate calculation of the shipments is done on the basis of the volumetric weight and is calculated in real-time. ShipKaro, logistics aggregator platform offers a discounted rate on all parcels and it also allows to compare prices of different shippers to help in finding the most economical shipper for any given order.

How can I schedule a courier pick up from home?

Scheduling a courier pickup from home or any location is very easy. You just need to login to your ShipKaro panel, click on the ‘Ship Now’ option, enter all the mandatory details regarding the package, pick-up and delivery address. You can choose one of the logistics partners and directly schedule a pick up from your preferred location by choosing one of the predefined time slots that are most convenient for you.

How can I track my courier?

Once the products leave the warehouse, the client can track the shipment till it reaches the customers’ doorstep. This can be done easily using the aggregator platform ShipKaro for the best logistics providers in India. Login to the ShipKaro panel and simply click on the shipments to track the detailed status of the courier automatically.

How can I send a large parcel through courier?

ShipKaro provides FedEx surface services using which you can easily send heavyweight parcels at various locations without any hassle. FedEx surface is available at comparatively cheaper rates and these courier services are available throughout the country.

What does the package weight in a courier stand for?

The weight of the packed product is considered as the package weight. It is the first factor counted for calculating the shipment rates.  Dead/Dry weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher is taken while calculating the rates. The volumetric weight is calculated as (length × width × height) / (dimensional factor). The dimensional factor may vary from 2700 to 5000 cm3/kg depending on the respective logistics partner. In case, declared weight differs and is less than actual weight, shipping charges get revised to actual weight.

What all goods can I ship through the courier?

You are free to ship various products using the logistics companies integrated with ShipKaro. However, there are some banned products that are either hazardous, high risk or illegal and such items are accepted for shipment. You can get a list of the prohibited items in the Merchant agreement of ShipKaro.

How can I reduce the human efforts involved in shipping my courier?

To reduce the human efforts involved in the shipping process, you can make the most of all the features offered by ShipKaro. You can easily synchronize your orders automatically, upload bulk orders, print the accurate shipping labels in no time, ship your products without any manual intervention and provide timely delivery to your customers. With the wide reach of multiple logistics partners, you can expand your business throughout India.

The courier services provided by ShipKaro have been serving several ecommerce entrepreneurs in the country and assist them in taking their business to a new level.

If you haven’t yet registered at ShipKaro then do it today and start exploring the platform. ShipKaro can be the best and the most affordable shipping partner for your shipping requirements. With serviceability to 20000+ pin codes, you can turn your dream of expanding your business into a reality.

If you have any more queries, feel free to contact ShipKaro team will get back to you with answers.

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