How E-commerce Courier Service Tracking Helps your Business

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Technology has made it much simpler and easier for ecommerce companies to manage the entire delivery process. Companies, big and small can easily track and monitor deliveries at every stage of the journey and keep their customers informed. Evidently, this strengthened awareness of deliveries is not only beneficial for the customer. It also safeguards your company’s interests and helps you with the required transparency for your ecommerce shipping in India

Moreover, with every major ecommerce brand now sharing the product shipment details with their customers, the regular online shopper has become used to this information for every purchase. Therefore, in order to stay ahead in the competition, it has now become an essential tool for every online store. 

So, how exactly is it helpful for your business? 

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Why do you need courier service tracking for your business?

The term is pretty straightforward – an order tracking system is one that tracks your products from the moment an order is placed to when they physically arrive at the destined location. Depending on the shipping system you use, the benefits may vary. However, some of the common benefits of ecommerce courier service tracks are:

  • Achieve process efficiency: tools that help track your product logistics including track returns and pickup schedules (with shipping partners), can help streamline operations. Further efficiency can be achieved if your tracking mechanism is integrated into a platform that handles your entire logistics from one single space – irrespective of where you are selling from. 
  • Get a better look at potential problems: with the growth in your organization, your parcel volume may increase exponentially. In order to easily manage your shipments, it is necessary to keep track of your ecommerce shipping in India. This will help you see broken links in your supply chain and help you focus more on those areas to make your processes seamless and cost-effective.  
  • Improve cost competence: it goes without saying. Knowing where your products are at all times, saves unnecessary calls to the courier companies. Moreover, integrating your tracking mechanism with your analytics can help you get a better idea of your delivery efficiency. 
  • Reduce missing-package complaints: by keeping track of every package that is shipped, your ecommerce courier service can keep an eye on all of the products in real-time. This means that every time a product delivery is delayed, you can easily find the cause and rectify it. 
  • Impart a sense of professionalism: when your customers can check themselves where their order is, it gives an impression that your business is trustworthy, transparent and professional. 
  • Increase conversions: tracking product shipment is a win-win situation for both the customers and the retailers as both the parties benefit from knowing where their products are. Creating such a situation with your ecommerce shipping in India is more likely to generate repeat customers in the future.  
  • Set better customer expectations: with real-time shipment information, you can reduce those frantic calls from your customers inquiring about the status of their product. This way, you can provide them peace of mind and encourage them to return to your website. 

How to provide tracking information to your customers?

Simple and quick access to an order delivery status is essential in offering your customers great shopping experience. It gives them certainty and clarity they expect. Which is why providing ecommerce courier service tracking information has now become standard for major ecommerce sites. There are mainly two ways in which you can help your customers get information about their product delivery:

  • Offer order tracking information on your website

Integrating your tracking information into your ecommerce site can ensure that even the most recent shipping status is easily available at one place. Your customers just need to sign in to their account and go to their respective orders page in order to get real-time tracking details.

  • Include a link to tracking details in the transaction emails or shipping confirmation emails 

It is easy to include a direct link to the tracking results of your ecommerce shipping in India in the customers’ confirmation emails. This can be done even if you do not have a tracking system embedded in your website. When the customers click on the link, they will be redirected to the tracking information page on the shipper’s website instead of to your site. This way, they can easily track the status of their order. The advantage, in this case, is that you need not spend extra to set up the tracking information on their website. 

Whatever be your medium of communication, make sure that you are providing accurate information regarding ecommerce courier service tracking to your customers in real-time. With most ecommerce companies now offering tracking details, it has become a necessity. Remember that accurate tracking details of your shipments will also help you in better troubleshooting of your logistics management. It will also be helpful in advanced analytics which in turn increases accountability. The end result – build a reputation of credibility and reliability and better-satisfied customers. 

In order to offer your customers exceptional shopping experience with your brand, providing tracking information on your ecommerce courier service quickly and simply is essential. That is why, at ShipKaro, we provide real-time tracking details for all your shipments. This is in addition to an array of features that include integrated logistics with multiple shipping partners, automated logistics management, partial fulfilment, pickup scheduling etc. 

How has your online store benefitted from including tracking details on your website or your emails? Do you have any tips for other online sellers? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments section below!

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