How ShipKaro is making e-commerce shipping in India easier

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Losing precious time over your e-commerce logistics? Now with digitized logistics services, you no longer need to worry about that. With technology-enabled logistics service providers, e-commerce shipping is now not only easy but also highly efficient. While there are several third-party logistics providers in India, it is important to depend on a reliable shipping partner for your e-commerce shipping requirements. That is because logistics is one of the most important aspects of any e-commerce venture. An efficient logistics company will ensure that your customers receive their products in good condition and within the stipulated time.

In this highly competitive market of e-commerce shipping in India, only quality logistics management can keep your company ahead of your competitors. Superior logistics management requires great research and planning to understand the core of the client’s business. A reputed logistics service provider understands that no two clients are the same and therefore the entire procedure, planning, and execution differ from one client to another. They recognize the functioning of different industry verticals and constantly update their procedures and functioning to stay updated in the logistics industry. It is these qualities that make ShipKaro one of the most trusted names in e-commerce shipping in India.

With the help of technology-enabled logistics services, ShipKaro has been able to effectively streamline the shipment procedures of their clients. Consistent growth, competitive prices, and well-planned execution are some of the features that make ShipKaro different from their competitors. Here are a few examples of how ShipKaro can make your logistics easier:

Reduction in shipping costs

If you rely on only one shipping partner, there are chances that you may be charged higher shipping rates for your products. However, ShipKaro gives you access to multiple shipping partners for a single order. This lets you compare prices from different vendors for e-commerce shipping in India and lets you choose from the most affordable option. You can further reduce the charges if you split a multi-product order and choose the most convenient option for each product. So, with just one single platform, you can view the charges of multiple shippers and strategize a cost-effective plan for your shipment. Reduction in shipping costs can help you offer free shipping or discounted prices for your products – thus further increasing customer retention.

Save time

With access to different shipping partners in a single view, no need to waste time on the time-consuming process of contacting each vendor individually. So, no more calls to each shipper, comparing prices and negotiating the best deal for e-commerce shipping in India. With just a few clicks, you can now easily save time and resources for your logistics requirements. This will help you focus more on your core business and provide exceptional service to your customers.

Ensure faster deliveries

ShipKaro’s multiple shipper's option lets you choose the delivery time as well. Efficient delivery is a sure way to make your customers happy with your service. You can compare delivery time from different shipping partners and choose the fastest option. Faster deliveries ensure customer satisfaction and lead to customer retention. The lesser the waiting period, the happier the customer.
Wider coverage: If you wish to expand your business with efficient e-commerce shipping in India, then ShipKaro is the most reliable option. This is because we have delivery services to over 20000 PIN codes in India. Now, you can even deliver to customers in the remote corners of the country. With an extensive coverage to metro cities and Tier II and Tier III cities, ShipKaro lets you reach a wider customer base and helps you grow your business.

COD payment cycle

Pay on delivery/ Cash on delivery is still one of the most popular payment modes for online shopping in India. Unless you provide COD as a payment option for your customers, it is very difficult for your e-commerce business to grow in India. For this, you need to depend on a reliable logistics partner for e-commerce shipping in India to ensure an end to end support for your COD payment cycle.
Automation: Technological development in logistics industry has led to automated services for every aspect of e-commerce shipping. From automatic label generation to real-time tracking of the shipment, automation ensures the well-organized functioning of your logistics. This not only saves time and resources but also minimizes manual errors. Additionally, this brings in transparency to your logistics process and gives you the ease of doing business from anywhere.

Real-time updates

You can keep your customers involved in the shipment process of their orders by giving them regular updates. Effective tracking system for your e-commerce shipping in India can develop customer faith over the company and increase your brand reputation. From dispatch till delivery, the customer can be informed of the progress of their order through ShipKaro’s real-time tracking.

Above all, ShipKaro has experience handling the logistics requirements of e-commerce sites across different verticals and of different sizes. Irrespective of the type of business you have, ShipKaro can help in effective strategization of your logistics plans and help you streamline your business. The platform provides future-ready features that are scalable to accommodate a growing company.

For your growing company logistics may seem overwhelming due to the amount of time and resources it requires. And the more and more you grow, it can become quite difficult to handle. That is why it is important to consolidate and organize your logistics with the help of a third-party logistics service provider for e-commerce shipping in India. Unless you have the resources to manage an in-house logistics team, it is highly recommended that you rely on an experienced logistics partner to handle every aspect of your e-commerce logistics.

ShipKaro logistics service provider comes with an array of features that let you control your logistics with ease. We focus on your logistics so that you can focus more on your core business. We understand that your delivery service is the most important factor in your customer service. Therefore, we strive to ensure speedy deliveries, with the right product and in perfect condition to help you gain customer satisfaction.

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