How to Choose the Right E-commerce Delivery Services in India for your Business

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As an e-commerce marketer, you put in a lot of effort to make sure that your customers have a good shopping experience with your website. You create a user-friendly store, you ensure quality products, and you develop a well-trained customer service, all with the hope of making the customer happy. So, when you are handing over your brand to a logistics service provider, you have to ensure that the same consistency is followed. Otherwise, the whole effort you put into creating a smooth experience for your customer may become futile. That is why it is important to depend on an efficient and reliable shipping partner for your e-commerce delivery services in India.

With so many service providers in India, it may seem like a daunting task to choose the right partner for your logistics requirements. Mainly because shipping plays a major part in your business. It is the part where your customer finally experiences the product first-hand. So, if you are not using the right carrier for your logistics, it can affect your customer loyalty and sales. Moreover, it also takes up a major chunk of your expenses. That is why it is imperative to choose the best e-commerce delivery service in India for your business.

As a leading logistics service provider in India, ShipKaro offers one of the most efficient and reliable shipping platforms for your e-commerce business. We understand the intricacies involved in logistics in India and have a proven track record of creating a smooth shipping experience for our clients. As your logistics partner, we primarily focus on:

  • Preventing you from overspending on logistics.
  • Ensuring that your products are handled well and safe while in transit.
  • Offering an efficient delivery service that builds trust between you and your customers.

If you are still on a lookout for other options in logistics, do keep in mind – the best deal doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest option, it includes prompt deliveries, wide coverage and impeccable customer service.

Let’s break it down for you. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing the right e-commerce delivery service in India for your business:


It is one of the prime factors to be looked at while choosing an e-commerce logistics service. If your logistics partner is restricted by coverage area, it will restrict your audience base as well. Whereas, ShipKaro, as your third-party logistics company has services to a wide expanse of locations, can help you tap into new markets and expand your business. For the Indian market alone, we have delivery services in over 20,000 PIN codes. In order to ensure maximum coverage, we have created an e-commerce delivery service in India that relies on multiple shipping partners. Using technology-enabled logistics solutions we provide you access to different shippers in one single platform. This provision increases your options not only in terms of location but also for prices and delivery time.

Delivery Time

With major e-commerce companies providing offers like “same day shipping” & “one-day delivery”, consumer expectations have skyrocketed in timely demands. Customers now want to know when their shipment would arrive and expect the fastest possible option. Fortunately, there are several e-commerce delivery services in India which now provide fast deliveries. Here again, it would be advisable to depend on a logistics service provider that can give you access to multiple shipping services instead of just one. This lets you choose from the best and the fastest option for your shipments.

Also, make sure that your shipping partner is technologically advanced enough to provide the expected date of delivery to the customer. Thanks to technological advancements in the logistics industry, your customer now expects the date of delivery right when they add the product to the cart. If your shipping partner is unable to provide this information, it could affect badly on your sales. With ShipKaro’s shipping platform, you can make the choice to opt for the most efficient and the fastest shipper for your individual products.


Since there are now several logistics companies that provide shipment for e-commerce businesses, it is smart to look at multiple options and compare before choosing the right e-commerce delivery service in India. Instead of individually communicating with each courier service and ask for a quote, why not depend on logistics companies that give you access to multiple shippers from a single platform. With ShipKaro you can easily compare prices and choose the cheapest option. You can even split a multi-product order and find out the best shipping option for each product – thus reducing your overall shipping costs.

Area of Expertise

Does the logistics provider you are considering has a good reputation? It is necessary to choose the right e-commerce delivery service in India, that you can rely on. Conduct a background check on the company by understanding their features, their client details and user reviews. This background information can also let you know the additional benefits the service provider has to offer. Moreover, you can find out their area of expertise through these reviews – are they more reputed in the international logistics industry or in the national sector? Do they have a good reputation handling e-commerce logistics or are they focussed on offline retail companies?

Technical Capabilities

Choose a logistics partner who is technologically advanced and offers you state-of-the-art features – especially the shipment tracking facility. The ability to track, matters a lot in creating a smooth experience for your customer. It lets your customer monitor their shipment and assure them of their product delivery. The right e-commerce delivery service in India will let you set up a notification system to inform your customer in real time. The information sent out should include when the package was sent out, whether it is on its way and when it reaches the destination.

Apart from real-time tracking, ShipKaro provides you automated logistics management, which helps you streamline your business. Technological advancements enable you to reduce manual intervention in syncing your orders and compare multiple shipping prices for each individual order. You can even schedule your pickups and generate shipping labels for efficient time management.

The size of your company should not affect your decision while choosing the right e-commerce delivery service in India for your company. ShipKaro’s comprehensive shipping aggregator platform is designed to support businesses of every size and industry vertical. We understand that as an e-commerce company, your success depends on an efficient delivery strategy. So partner up with ShipKaro and join the list of India’s leading e-commerce businesses.

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