How to Improve your Conversions with ShipKaro e-commerce courier service

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As an online retailer, you very well know the importance of logistics and the pivotal role it plays in customer satisfaction. What if we told you that a smooth-running logistics department can also improve your conversion rates and generate better sales. Most online retailers invest heavily in data analytics like statistics, site visits, bounce rates, abandonment rates etc. However, they overlook an important aspect of the business – your e-commerce courier service.

With the growth of e-commerce in the country, rising customer expectations for shipping pose a big challenge for businesses that wish to remain competitive. So how can e-commerce retailers change delivery strategies in order to increase conversion rates and stay ahead in the game?

As one of India’s most trusted e-commerce logistics service provider, ShipKaro has immense experience in enhancing delivery strategies for all our clients. Based on our rich expertise and our customer feedback, we have compiled a list of tips that you should follow in order to improve your e-commerce conversions with ShipKaro e-commerce courier service.

Offer free shipping

According to recent surveys, the majority of online shoppers claim that free delivery was one of the most important factors in choosing the online site to buy from. If a product is available on your site with a delivery charge and on another site without a delivery charge, it is highly possible that you will lose that sale. In order to provide free shipping option to your customers, it is extremely important to rely on a cost-effective courier service so that you can mitigate those losses on the shipping prices. With ShipKaro as your logistics partner, you can avail the services of multiple e-commerce courier services. For each product you are shipping, you can choose the cheapest and the fastest shipping option. This way you can ensure that your shipping charges are the least.

Additionally, you can provide other options for free shipping. For instance, setting a free delivery threshold can help you recover your delivery cost and also encourage additional purchases. Similarly, offering promotions like free delivery days or free delivery for monthly subscriptions can also help you in increasing revenue.

Offer faster shipping

This goes without saying – online shoppers now expect same day delivery for all their orders. With competent brands offering faster delivery options for all orders, the pressure is on for every online retailer. While it may seem like a worrisome task to ensure fast delivery options for all orders, worry not – with ShipKaro’s logistics aggregator, you can now easily avail multiple shipment options and e-commerce courier service for each of your product. You can even split a multi-product order and individually assign different shippers for each product. This guarantees that you get the fastest shipping option and also the most cost-effective option for your shipment. With the intervention of technology, you can get all these features on a single platform and with minimum hassle.

Provide delivery information

Majority of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to delivery concerns. These concerns include the lack of delivery info like expected delivery date and delivery charges. Also, a lesser range of delivery options and lack of tracking options create unhappy customers. That is why it is now extremely important to clearly communicate delivery information to your customers. With traditional e-commerce courier services, it is almost impossible to provide clarity on these topics. However, with ShipKaro’s technology-enabled logistics platform, you can now easily provide all delivery related information to your end-customer.
Real-time tracking is one of the key features that today’s customers expect from all online retailers. The ability to know every single detail about their package empowers them to have faith and trust in your brand. When the customer knows where their order is at any given time, it puts them at ease and creates more patient customers. ShipKaro as your e-commerce courier service can help you share these details with your customers enabling you to increase your customer satisfaction rate and consequently repeat customers.

Easy return policy

Having a good return policy can help solidify sales. Studies show that e-commerce websites with a return policy have more chances of gaining customers. Customers want to have the option of returning their purchase if they are unhappy with it. This creates a trust with the brand’s quality of products. Moreover, it will surely put your customers at ease. As mentioned earlier, also make sure that you provide clear and accurate information regarding your return policy on your website. This increases the customer’s trust in your brand.

For a successful returns strategy, you need to have an efficient e-commerce courier service as your logistics partner that can easily handle your returns. ShipKaro integrates with multiple courier services in India to provide you smooth deliveries and returns. As an online retailer, you do not have the chance to physically approach and ask if they any assistance. It is your delivery policy that demonstrates your customer service and your efficiency. Therefore, by offering a variety of easy returns solutions you can exceed customer expectations to deliver real value and encourage customer loyalty.

With ShipKaro as your e-commerce courier service, you can easily optimise the processes of deliveries and returns, which will ultimately help you in saving your time and money. Moreover, the suitable integration between the processes in a single well-functioning chain will the process of orders, deliveries and returns faster, comfortable and more profitable.

As delivery is the last impression that your customer will have of your brand, it is important to put an effort into making sure that it is seamless. That is why figuring out your logistics partner should be a well thought out decision. A good e-commerce courier service can help you create a shipping strategy that can attract customers through low-cost and free shipping options. It can increase conversions through clear delivery information and multiple delivery options. Also, with smooth delivery service, you can also retain customers and create word-of-mouth referrals.

In summary, although making these changes may seem like a lot of effort with ShipKaro as your logistics service provider it can be simplified and also need not drain additional cost from your business. So, what are you waiting for? Contact ShipKaro now for creating an enhanced shipping strategy for better conversions.

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