How to Influence your Customers' Purchase Decision with E-commerce Courier Service Strategy

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Is the growth rate of your ecommerce business giving you a headache? Do you want to sell more, but aren’t sure how? Are you looking for ways to increase your order value for every purchase? And would you like to avoid the after-sale backlash of product returns by your customers?

If you answered yes, you are not alone.

There are many ecommerce businesses that are suffering from slow growth rates and high return rates. This could cause a major setback in your business growth. However, with a little tweak in your strategy for your ecommerce shipping in India, you can easily achieve that. So, what is to be done?

We would like to answer this question by sharing a method which has proven to work – influence customers’ purchase decision. If you put some time and resources in understanding why online shoppers make a purchase and what are the factors influencing them, then you will able to sell almost anything.

Understanding the customers’ purchase decision process

In simple words, it is the journey that a customer takes to reach to your products, interact with them, initiate business with your brand and ultimately receive the product through your ecommerce courier service. It begins from the moment a customer decides that they need a specific product, till the time they finally make a purchase. Therefore, if you ignore or give less importance to any aspect of this journey, it is definitely going to affect your business. That is why sometimes, even the best online marketing strategies fail at making sales.

It takes a lot more than a personalized ad to convince an online shopper to purchase from your website. And even if you convince them to visit your store, a lot of factors will determine whether they place an order or not – one of the most important of them being your ecommerce shipping in India.

In fact, it has been observed that a lot of online shoppers abandoned their shopping cart at the very last minute. They find the products, read the descriptions, and add the products to their cart. However, the order is seldom completed. Most often, the reason could be as simple as lack of free shipping, limited shipping or payment options. And this is a perfect example of how your shipping and delivery service can impact your customer’s buying process and consequently your sales. Therefore, choose wisely when you are looking for an ecommerce courier service as your logistics partner. Lucky for you, we can help you with that.

We have compiled here a few helpful tips that can give you an insight into your customers’ minds and guide you on how to influence their purchase decision. You can further understand the important factors that play a key role while choosing a logistics partner. To help you further increase your sales, let’s discuss the different stages of the customer purchase decision process and how you can influence that with your shipping strategy.

  • Stage 1: Customer identifies the need

Creating product need is a marketing technique. So how can your ecommerce shipping in India help you with? Offering shipping discounts for additional products can help you here. For instance, you can offer free shipping or discounted shipping for additional purchase of the same product or similar products.

Additionally, right before making the final purchase, you can show a list of products that may be necessary with the purchased products. For instance, with a set of apparels, you can suggest some accessories that go with it. This not only helps you increase your order value but also reduces overall shipping charges with your ecommerce courier service.

  • Stage 2: Customer researches about the product and the brand

Once a customer feels the need for a product, they will start searching for its availability. If they have already purchased once from your website and are happy with your delivery, chances are that they may come again.

Additionally, if your product and delivery services are top-notch, your customers will provide good reviews or recommend your brand to their friends. Apart from your products, your delivery service is the only other thing where your customer has a physical interaction with your brand. Therefore, make sure that your ecommerce shipping strategy is unique and efficient.

  • Stage 3: Customer compares the choices

With multiple brands and options in hand, this is the stage where the customer compares the different options and evaluates the choices. This is where your shipping strategy should stand out from the rest.

As mentioned previously, shipping can be one of the primary reasons customers abandon their cart. In other words, it is one of the main factors that influence a customer’s purchase decision.

While free shipping is one of the most attractive offers you can provide to your customer, it may not be possible always. Moreover, in order to provide free shipping to your customers, you need to minimize your ecommerce courier service charges. You can achieve that with comparison software of ShipKaro where you can choose the most cost-affordable option from multiple choices.

  • Stage 4: Customer decides to make purchase

Once a customer has evaluated the choices, they move on to the purchase process. Here again, it is important to provide the customers with multiple options to make payment for their purchase.

For instance, cash on delivery is still the most preferred payment mode among Indian online shoppers. Therefore, in order to have a successful ecommerce business in India, make sure that you provide that option to your customers. Also, look for an ecommerce courier service that provides the support required for COD payment.

  • Stage 5: Post-purchase evaluation

The customer journey doesn’t end at the checkout. And this is where some businesses lose a potential sale. Once the customer places an order with your site, how your company handles the order is extremely crucial.

At this stage, the customer would want to evaluate whether choosing your brand was the right choice. They will judge the time it takes to deliver the product, the delivery, the state of the product and your customer service. This makes your ecommerce shipping in India an extremely important aspect that determines your customer experience.

Final Word

In conclusion, investing in a reliable and efficient logistics partner for your ecommerce business is not just a smart move, but also a necessary one – not only for your logistics, but also for your customers’ purchase decision and ultimately your sales rate.

ShipKaro is a logistics aggregator platform that provides you with integrated services of multiple ecommerce courier services and lets you compare them. This way you can get the best out of the lot and save your money and time on all your orders.

Need further information regarding efficient ecommerce logistics planning? Contact us, or leave a comment below. Our team will surely get back to you!

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