How to Manage Your Marketplace Orders With ShipKaro

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If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur in India, chances are that you already know what exactly is a marketplace and how you can use that to boost your online sales. However, for those newbies who are unaware of the term or wish to know in detail about it, let's start from the beginning and then move on to the logistics of it.

What is e-commerce marketplace retailing?

As an e-commerce retailer, you can sell your products through multiple online channels like social media sites, your company website and e-commerce marketplaces. Much like a physical store market, an online marketplace is a website that provides you with the platform to display your products and make a sale. Some of the popular marketplaces in India are Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify etc.

Studies have shown that the sales revenues almost double through multi-channel retailing than selling through a single channel. An intelligently created multi-channel sales strategy coupled with an efficient e-commerce courier service ensures consistent shopping experience for the customers. It also provides ample opportunities for your brand to reach your customers.

The advantages of enabling marketplace sales for your brand is many. But what is equally important is how you handle the increase in the order count and the shipping of the same. Unless your system is well equipped to handle that kind of quantity, having a marketplace retailing strategy can backfire. It can cause customer dissatisfaction and hamper your brand image thus reducing your market.

How to manage marketplace order logistics?

Managing sales from various marketplaces, error-free processing of orders in bulk, comparing shipping prices for individual orders, and tracking each order across all channels are extremely daunting and time-consuming processes. However, with an efficient shipping aggregator like ShipKaro, these daunting tasks can be handled seamlessly and with ease.

ShipKaro comes integrated with India’s leading and popular marketplaces as it is designed for multi-channel e-commerce retail. Irrespective of from where you are selling, you can easily pull your orders and with just a few clicks, you can ship them with the most convenient and the most affordable e-commerce courier service option.

How ShipKaro helps in managing marketplaces orders?

  • Easy integration with any popular marketplace

Seamless integration with India’s leading marketplaces assures easy manageability of order processing. This way you will not lose any time to update your individual order information. It is done instantaneously and you can see real-time information about all orders at one single platform. Increase your sales revenues by tapping all market channels and different types of consumers. Instead of being forced to rely on multiple solutions for various processing tasks, ShipKaro’s technology-based logistics platform lets you effectively manage orders from a single location.

  • Compare courier services

From a single platform, you can now view and compare shipping rates and delivery time for multiple courier services. You can compare them based on their efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in different geographic zones. A particular shipping company may have higher efficiency or a better reach in a particular geographic zone. With ShipKaro, you can easily avail the benefits of each of these courier services. In just a few clicks you can choose the most affordable and the most convenient option for your shipments and send them off to shipping. Save time and money by availing the services of multiple e-commerce courier services in the single panel using ShipKaro.

  • Syncing orders automatically

No matter how many marketplaces you are selling your products on, all your orders can be automatically synced into ShipKaro in real time. Single login to this platform eases your order management process, spares you all the tedious work and lets you focus more on your core business. You no longer have to worry about the shipment of your increasing order number. ShipKaro’s shipping aggregator platform integrates all your orders into one organized screen that enables easy and swift bulk order processing and logistics fulfilment. Also, since all the details are updated automatically in real-time there is no room for manual error in data update.

  • Easy labelling of parcels

ShipKaro simplifies your shipping process with auto label generation of parcels. It allows real-time tracking of shipment and ensures on-time and error-free deliveries. The platform is also equipped to handle orders in bulk – right from auto-syncing orders, to label printing and shipment of products. Which consequently means that the shipment process becomes much more cost effective and efficient, allowing companies to process larger volumes of orders in a short span of time.

  • Scheduling pick-up

Get control over the shipping process with the option to schedule pick-up timings with your e-commerce courier service partner. No need to lose time over unnecessary phone calls and emails. Let the software do the job for you in a simplified manner.

  • Easy tracking

The order status and tracking details are automatically synced across your sales channels. This ensures a unified process for all activities that enhance your customer’s shopping experience with your brand.

  • Choosing COD option

With the option to choose the shipping partner comes the option to choose the payment option. Certain shipping companies offer cash on delivery as a payment option. Look out for those logistics companies that provide this option. This way you can ensure that you do not lose potential customers and thus expand your customer reach.

These are just a few things you need to know about managing your marketplace orders with ShipKaro and the benefits you can avail from that. As a leading shipping aggregator in India, ShipKaro offers state of the technology features exclusively for the e-commerce industry. To know more, get in touch with ShipKaro. We are always happy to help!

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