How to Minimize product Returns with Reliable Ecommerce Courier Service

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In the complex world of e-commerce, a customer placing an order on your site is only one part of the battle. The next part involves ensuring that the customer receives the order satisfactorily and on time. This is where you need an efficient and reliable e-commerce courier service for smooth deliveries. Unfortunately, the battle doesn’t end there. Many times, the customers end up receiving incorrect packages or damaged goods.

Also, in some cases, customers are unhappy with their purchases for various reasons and wish to return the same. In fact, according to multiple surveys, around 25-30% of all products ordered online are returned as compared to only 8% in brick-and-mortar stores. This rise in product returns has become a major challenge for most online sellers and couriers handling e-commerce shipping in India.

While handling returns is a problematic and tricky affair, it is also an unavoidable part of running a successful e-commerce business. It has been proven time and again that most customers prefer visiting a site again if the product return process is easy and free. That is why most successful online stores now offer free return shipping for their products. Even so, how to manage product returns efficiently and how to minimize them to a large extent are some of the questions boggling most online sellers. With rich experience in handling e-commerce clients, ShipKaro brings you some valuable tips on how to handle product returns with a reliable e-commerce courier service as your shipping partner.

Clearly mention your return policies

Make sure that the customers that visit your website are well aware of your Return Policies and all the Terms & Conditions of your e-commerce store. If your return policies are different for each product, then it should be properly outlined on the website. This will give more clarity to the customers and increase their trust. Moreover, you will not lose potential customers who worry about going through the tedious process of contacting customer care for returns.

Make it easy for customers to return their purchases

Through efficient e-commerce shipping in India, you can easily achieve this. To ensure that your customers become repeat customers, make it simple and effortless for the customer to return your product. In fact, you can provide multiple options for returning the goods – in terms of payment, courier collection service, exchange option etc. The entire return process that includes disposal, identification, verification, processing for resale, unloading and returns to the manufacturer must be carried out professionally and with due diligence. This is why you require the services of an efficient and reliable e-commerce courier service. ShipKaro’s logistics aggregator platform enables you to compare the services of multiple couriers and choose the most convenient option.

Use professional help

Evaluating the probable costs of the returns procedure will give you an estimate of the expenditure for product returns. This will be even higher during the holiday and festive season. To meet this upsurge in product returns, it is recommended to rely on a third-party service provider for your logistics. A third-party logistics company can not only provide you with additional resources for e-commerce shipping in India but also streamline the entire procedure in order to make your core business more efficient. With ShipKaro logistics aggregator platform, you can take your entire logistics to the next level. From India’s leading courier services, you can choose the ideal option for your business and save time and money.

While these are some methods that you can apply in order to make your returns smooth and seamless, there are certainly other steps you can take in order to reduce the number of returns. Here again, choosing a reliable e-commerce courier service can help a lot. How? Read on!

Ensure correct shipping

Clerical and manual errors can sometimes end up in incorrect addresses or incorrect products. In order to minimize these errors, the recommended way is to rely on technology. Nowadays, there are several technology-enabled logistics platforms that automatically sync all your orders from multiple platforms and generate a shipping label. This way, the process is not only simplified, but the chances of errors are also minimalised.

Provide detailed product description

As much as possible, make product description as extensive as possible. Several couriers handling e-commerce shipping in India have made exchanges easier for the customers. However, providing clear size descriptions for your products can reduce those product exchanges along with returns. Moreover, present clear and multiple product pictures with a detailed catalogue. Other options that you can provide include displaying the product in different colours, rendering multiple views and posting customer feedback. Providing an option for the customer to ask questions about the product can also help in building the customer’s confidence. This will not only help the customer in understanding the product properly before purchase but also increase the chances of your sale.

Exceed expectations

Here again, with a reliable e-commerce courier service, you can provide an excellent delivery service to the customer that minimizes errors and exceeds the expectations of your customers. Additionally, understand the main reasons why your customers are returning your products. If time and again the reasons include receiving the wrong product or damaged product, then maybe it is time to take a look at your courier partner. With a shipping aggregator platform, you can choose from different couriers and depend on a more reputed and reliable courier for your shipments. This way you can ensure efficient logistics for e-commerce shipping in India for all your products.

We hope that these tips will help you in minimizing your returns and the additional expenditure associated with it. Remember, the majority of consumers will buy something again from your site if the returns are easy and effortless. ShipKaro’s logistics aggregator platform will help you achieve that with technology-enabled logistics and multiple courier partners.
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