How to Plan E-commerce Courier Service for your Handbags Store

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Are you an online handbags store owner who is wondering why your conversion rate is not increasing, even with unique products, attractive website and great marketing strategy? Or are you an entrepreneur looking for ways to make your customer’s shopping experience with your store stand out from the competition? Either way, you should focus more on your ecommerce shipping in India because an effective shipping strategy for an online handbags store can create loyal customers and build your brand reputation. 

While creating a business plan for an online store, most e-retailers often overlook logistics, even though it is one of the most crucial aspects of running an ecommerce company. Smooth shipping is essential for ensuring a complete shopping experience to the customer and to increase repeat customers. This is particularly true if you have a brand that handles fashion accessories like handbags. Also, you need to rely on efficient ecommerce courier services in order to ensure safe handling of your products in transit. 

Since the internet has become one of the most favourite destinations for fashion shoppers an online store that is exclusively for handbags can be a huge opportunity. However, in order to succeed, make sure that you have done your research well. While a lot has been said about setting up an online store, the logistics of it is seldom discussed – especially for a handbags store. So, let's delve deep into it. 

  • Decide your sourcing

Before setting up your ecommerce shipping in India for your sourcing, you have to decide on the type of handbag you wish to sell. Remember, the key to a successful online business is specialization. If your product is unique and different, you can create a niche market around it. Once you have your own unique products, look for your handbag wholesalers. Make sure the products you choose fit the overall theme of your business and be sure to find a legitimate wholesaler. This may take some time and you may find multiple options from all over the country. 

Once you have your wholesalers, you need to finalize on whether you need an ecommerce courier service to ship the product to your private warehouse; or are you planning on shipping the product directly from the wholesaler to the customer. Either way, you need to depend on a reliable shipping partner to efficiently handle the whole shipment process. 

  • Design unique packaging material

One of the most effective ways to create a professional image in your customers’ mind is to ensure that their product reaches them on right time and in an efficient manner. In order to do so, you need to invest in a partner for your ecommerce shipping in India that helps you achieve that every single time. A logistics aggregator platform that provides you the option of choosing your courier service for all your shipments is an ideal way to go about.

In order to create a lasting impression in your customers’ minds, you need to go a step further. Produce an unboxing experience that not only speaks of your brand but provides a customized look to the customer. This is particularly true for fashion accessories like handbags. Since shopping for handbags is not always a necessity purchase, but most often an emotional purchase, creating a distinct and stellar experience can leave a positive image in the customer’s mind. Combined with a superior delivery by your ecommerce courier service, your unboxing experience can increase repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals. 

To achieve this, ship your products in customized packaging materials and boxes that speak of your brand, your logo and your overall theme. Since your website is focussing solely on one single kind of product, you can produce such customized boxes in bulk at discounted rates. Moreover, you can use packaging material that helps you save more on logistics. Since most courier companies take into account the volume and weight of the shipment for price calculation, you can try to reduce your logistics charges by using packaging materials that is light and durable. Hence, customized packages for your ecommerce shipping in India can not only help you in increasing repeat purchasing but also in reducing logistics expenses. 

Another aspect to ensure while deciding on your packaging is the sturdiness. Since, your products are often made of materials that have to be carefully handled, make sure that they are packed well. Once you have done that, half your work is done. The other half depends entirely on your courier service. Therefore, make sure that you have a reliable logistics partner that offers speedy delivery at reasonable prices. 

  • Compare, Compare, Compare

This holds true for every decision in your business, but even more so for logistics. With several ecommerce courier companies in the country, it may be overwhelming to find the right partner for your shipments. However, do not let that stop you. Sign up with a logistics aggregator platform that has integrated services with multiple couriers and provides you the option to choose the most convenient one for your shipments. This way you can save on all your orders. 

Additionally, look for an aggregator platform that lets you auto sync all your orders, irrespective of where you are selling from, and streamline your entire logistics. This way, you need not manage multiple platforms and pages and lose track of your orders in your ecommerce shipping in India

With ShipKaro logistics aggregator platform, you can not only compare India’s leading couriers, but also automate your logistics for simplified operations. This way, you can save both time and money and concentrate more on the growth of your core business. Moreover, with a team that has experience handling logistics for SMEs aiming a niche market, ShipKaro can help your business grow and expand to new markets. 

In conclusion, while creating a business plan for your online handbags store, make sure that you carefully craft a shipping strategy. Additionally, rely on an efficient and experienced logistics partner to ensure smooth and streamlined logistics for your business. 

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