How to Plan E-commerce Courier Service for Your Online Shoes and Footwear Store

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India is the third-largest footwear consuming country in the world after China and the USA. So, if you have decided to make that a business opportunity and get a share of that through an online store – Congratulations! You have made a very smart choice. However, there are a few things that make this industry different from others and you should be well aware of that before entering the arena. Especially with regards to the ecommerce shipping in India and the role it plays in the footwear industry.

Regardless of the growth that online footwear industry has seen in the past few years, it still comes with several challenges and hindrances. Since most major online sites offer free shipping and returns, consumers’ expectations levels have risen highly. Also, since most shoppers order more than one size due to concern regarding footwear fit, the return rate can also be comparatively higher for the footwear industry. All these factors contribute to why logistics and ecommerce courier service expenses play a significant part in your budget. 

Similar to the challenges pertaining to the fashion industry like high volatility, storing and transporting a high number of SKUs for size, colour and style are common for footwear industry as well. Also, storing shoe boxes may require a lot of space in your warehouse or in a distribution centre and can cause additional charges.

Despite all these challenges, selling footwear online can bring you amazing returns and great opportunities. With a little extra focus on your ecommerce shipping in India, you can easily streamline your online footwear business and expect high profits. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that:

  • Exceeding customer expectations with unique delivery experiences

Shopping for apparels and shoes has a lot to do with emotions. That is why creating a remarkable shopping experience for your customers will bring in long term benefits. Since size and fit are some of the major concern customers face while shopping for shoes, you can provide first-time shoppers with the opportunity to try and decide. This way, if the customer decides to return the product, your ecommerce courier service can instantly take that back, without causing you any additional charges for pick-up at a later date. It is a win-win situation for everybody. 

Providing options like these can make your customer come back to your website for future purchases as well. Additionally, you can use this information and provide predictive sizing options based on their previous purchases. Offers like these can not only enhance the customer’s delivery experience but also reduce your returns rate. However, in order to do so, you need to rely on an efficient logistics service provider for your ecommerce shipping in India. The ideal way is to look for a logistics aggregator platform that provides you with the option of choosing your courier service from multiple choices. This way you can find the most economical option as well as the most convenient option. You can ensure that every time you ship a product, you save money as well as time. 

  • Enhance efficiency with smart packaging

As mentioned before, shipping plays a major role in selling footwear online. It also takes up a major chunk of your budget. While the costs of your ecommerce shipping may vary according to your ecommerce courier service, it is bound to be high due to the heavy-weight of shoes and boots. However, there are ways in which you can try and reduce your shipment rates – especially through packaging. 

Customized shoe boxes that are of same sizes can fit easily into larger shipping boxes. Your courier service can use this uniformity to maximize space used in a trailer. Therefore, with a product type packed in uniform blocks, you can fill trailers or containers or any other shipping medium to the point where there is very little space left. This can substantially help reduce charges for your ecommerce shipping in India as most courier companies now take into account the volume of the shipment along with its weight. Moreover, it's easier to ship this way during peak seasons and festive seasons to reduce the number of shipments

Also, with customized boxes for shoes, you can choose the packing material. This way you can look for material that is durable, affordable and is customized with your brand logo. A unique package can enhance the customer’s shopping experience with your brand and help you increase loyalty. 

  • Automate logistics for faster operations

Unlike other industries, automated management of your ecommerce courier service is an absolute necessity in the footwear industry. With a large number of products that come in a variety of sizes and colours, it can be time-consuming to manage shipment manually. Especially if you are selling your products through different online channels– own website, marketplaces, social media etc. Make sure that you have an automated logistics management system in place that syncs all your orders in one place and automatically generates shipping labels for shipping. Additionally, if you combine these features with the option to easily compare prices of multiple courier companies, you can not only save time but also money. 

Apart from automation, make sure that your ecommerce shipping in India is handled by a third-party service provider that is reliable and efficient. Timely delivery of your products is a must to build long-term customer relationships. Also, for a successful ecommerce business in India, make sure that you look for a logistics partner that provides COD payment option as well. 

In conclusion, with the landscape of the footwear industry-changing through online stores, logistics is now playing a larger role. Customers are now demanding better options and at lower prices – efficient logistics management can meet both these requirements. ShipKaro logistics aggregator can help you easily achieve that through the integrated services of multiple ecommerce courier services. We can provide the necessary resources and skills to meet your demands and produce excellent results. With a focus on technology and transparency, we are fully equipped to handle online stores with a niche market. 

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