How to Plan Ecommerce Courier Service for Your Online Jewelery Store

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A lot has already been written and discussed about setting up an online store for jewelry business. So, in this article, we are going to talk exclusively in detail about one of the most important aspects of running an online jewelry store – your logistics and ecommerce shipping in India. Why is it relevant? We often see people who believe that they have created an attractive website, done all the market research, have worked on web analytics and have everything set in place; and yet they find that their conversions are not increasing. One of the most common errors that e-retailers make while setting up an online store for jewelry is to overlook their shipping. It is important to understand that selling jewelry online is not just about the technology of the business, but includes the entire range of factors that ensure customer satisfaction – and your ecommerce courier service is definitely one of them.

One of the prime reasons for the success of any business is its product quality. Make sure you have the best products from high-quality sources for your niche audience. Then you can easily focus on other major aspects of growing your business. You can broadly classify your business requirements into – technological components, customer service and logistics. A perfect collaboration between these three elements is required for the smooth and successful functioning of your online jewelry business. As mentioned before, we will be focussing on your logistics and ecommerce shipping in India in this article.

Why logistics in jewelry business is important?

Unlike other products, jewelry shopping is often more emotional to the customer. Which is why most customers prefer faster deliveries for jewelry so that they can experience the look and feel of the product. So, the faster you provide the potential buyer with a chance to receive the product, the higher the chances that they will purchase it. 

In other words, the logistics of your online jewelry store plays a pivotal role and influences the success of your business significantly. Which means that for higher conversions and increased customer satisfaction, you have to carefully choose and invest in reliable ecommerce courier service for your product deliveries. 

How can you improve logistics for your online jewelry store?

Now that we have established why you need to focus more on your logistics, let's talk about ways to achieve that. In order to ensure fast handling of products, you need to ensure that the products are readily available. However, it is not always easy with jewelry. Especially if you are dealing with fine jewelry where the product prices range enormously. Even with low priced fashion jewelry products, it is not feasible to have a large variety of products ready for shipment with your ecommerce shipping in India. Attempting to do so can skyrocket your budget for inventory and shipping. Moreover, if you are offering customized jewelry products then you can craft them only after an order is made. This will further increase the shipping duration. So, how to resolve this? 

  • The simple solution to this is to decrease the handling time gradually. In order to do so, you need to identify the best selling products on your site. For instance, if you have around 10 items that are sold every other day or week or month, you can easily keep an estimated stock of the same readily available for your ecommerce courier service. Also, keeping them stocked up can decrease your cost of production and improve your sourcing. This way you can ensure that the shipping for these best selling items is faster and smoother.
  • Another easy solution is to rely on the services of an efficient logistics service provider. Especially one that can help you simplify your pickups and deliveries. This way you need not worry about the shipment of the products and will have time to focus more on your core business. While there are multiple choices for ecommerce shipping in India, make sure that you choose an option that fulfils your requirements at present and is scalable for your growing business. Also, depending on a logistics service provider with a wide reach can help you expand your customer base as well. 
  • Depend on multiple courier services to easily handle the rush season. You can save on additional manpower for logistics during holiday seasons by depending on several courier partners. Even otherwise, comparing different couriers in terms of their services can give you an idea about the best available option. With the help of a logistics aggregator platform, you can easily compare multiple ecommerce courier services and find the perfect shipping partner for your products every single time you ship – from a single page. It not only saves a lot of your time but also your efforts and money. 
  • Be upfront about the shipping dates with your customers. When you are dealing with expensive jewelry products or customized jewelry, the shipping requirements are additional and can be prolonged. Make sure that you communicate the same with the customer in advance. This increases the trust that the customer has with your brand. Moreover, it reduces tremendous pressure off of your ecommerce shipping in India thus helping you concentrate more on the final delivery and packaging of the products.   
  • While shipping jewelry, make sure that you use high-quality packaging material. Unlike other products, jewelry is usually delicate and can break if not handled with care. This will not only increase your returns rate but make a negative impact on your brand reputation. Moreover, increased returns and extra cost of repairing damaged goods can put a heavy load on your budget. Investing in high-quality packaging material is therefore as necessary as investing in an efficient ecommerce courier service. In the long run, unique and customized packaging material will help you save more and also create a lasting impression among your customers. 

In conclusion, when selling jewelry online, do not overlook your logistics. Remember, for jewelry ecommerce, it is important to invest in the right partner for your shipping requirements. Do not be in a hurry. Do your research and choose the best possible option for your business. As already mentioned, try to rely on a logistics aggregator platform and work with multiple couriers in order to optimise your shipping. ShipKaro is an aggregator platform that offers you integrated services of different ecommerce courier services along with additional features like real-time tracking, pickup scheduling etc. With ShipKaro, you can easily automate your shipping, thus saving yourself a lot of time and effort. 

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