How to Plan Ecommerce Courier Service for Your Toys and Baby Products Store

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Are you the proud owner of an online store for toys and baby products? Congratulations! With the increase in the number of internet users in the country, this industry is growing rapidly and is bound to keep growing. 

Most new parents and expecting parents spend a lot of time trying to find the best brands for their children in terms of quality, ease of shopping and customer service. In most cases, once they are happy with the services of a brand, they tend to become loyal customers of that brand. That is why, it is necessary to provide an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers – right from your website, till your ecommerce shipping in India and your post purchase customer service. 

Like many other online businesses, running a successful online baby store requires keeping your customers happy and loyal. While the major factor to ensure that is to provide quality products, it is equally important to make sure that those products reach the customers on time and in perfect shape. After all who would like to receive broken toys and damaged apparels for their baby?

So how can you ensure consistent quality shipping?

This requires superior shipping services for every individual order. That is why, when compared to other niche online stores, running a baby store requires relying on an efficient and experienced ecommerce courier service as your logistics partner. 

There are several courier companies in the country that are experienced and provide faster shipping services. There are some that offer more affordable prices than others. Additionally, there are couriers that have a wider reach and offer delivery services to every corner of India. 

So how to decide on the courier partner for your business? 

The ideal way is to depend on all of them. For every order you receive, you should be able to compare the prices, the delivery dates and other services offered by different shippers before you finalize on the courier. Following this strategy for your ecommerce shipping in India will ensure efficient and smooth logistics for every individual order. 

So, how is it possible to compare different courier companies and make an informed decision for every single shipment? The answer is simple – tie-up with a logistics aggregator platform. 

With an aggregator platform, you can get the services of multiple courier companies, compare their offers and choose the most convenient option. ShipKaro is one of India’s leading aggregator platforms that offers integrated services with several courier companies. With ShipKaro, you can not only make an informed decision regarding your ecommerce courier service but also save precious time and money. Time that you can instead use to focus on your core business. 

Here are a few tips to help you plan your logistics strategy for your toys and baby products store:

  • Automate your logistics

Automation of logistics lets you simplify your logistics processes and minimize manual errors. As mentioned before, most of your business comes from loyal customers who have previously purchased from you.

Mistakes in shipping like the incorrect product or incorrect address can not only harm your brand reputation but also cause you to lose potential customers. Automation of your ecommerce shipping in India can also streamline your logistics by letting you manage your entire logistics from a single dashboard.

As a small business enterprise, you could be selling your products on multiple platforms. With automated logistics, you can auto-sync all your orders and manage them from a single platform. 

  • Expand your reach

Since you will be catering to a niche audience, you have to make sure that you reach out to a wider region. With increase in internet access in the country, online shopping is no longer restricted to metro cities. 

Moreover, there are now several ecommerce courier services that provide delivery services to Tier II and Tier III cities in the country. Make sure that you avail the services of such courier companies to offer deliveries to every part of India. This way you can ensure that you do not lose any potential customers. 

  • Provide multiple delivery options

Baby products are an absolute necessity for parents with babies and expecting parents. That is why in most cases, parents do not mind spending extra money on baby products in exchange for quality and comfort. 

For instance, some parents will prefer faster delivery even if it requires extra shipping charges. With your ecommerce shipping in India, provide multiple options to your customers in terms of delivery dates and delivery charges. Let the customer make the choice of their product delivery. 

However, in order to make sure that you can offer your customer such options, you have to integrate your logistics with different couriers and automate your shipping. As we have mentioned above, you can achieve this by depending on ShipKaro logistics aggregator platform that has integrated services with multiple couriers. 


  • Customize packaging

Customization of packaging is not just about creating a shipping box with your brand name and logo on it. You need to look for material that will reduce damage to the toys and baby products while maintaining durability. 

Most ecommerce courier services in India charge for shipping based on the volume and weight of the product. Therefore, look for packaging material that is lightweight and can, therefore, help you reduce shipment charges.

 Further, you can create an unforgettable unboxing experience for the customer with kid-friendly features and attractions. Also, you can send some personalised parenting tips or humorous quotes that engage your customers emotionally with your brand. This way, let your product box be a marketing tool for your brand. 

Above all, make sure that you rely on experienced and efficient logistics partners to handle your shipping in India. Incompetent management while handling baby products and its shipping can adversely hamper your brand image. Therefore, for your ecommerce shipping in India look for an experienced shipping partner like ShipKaro that can not only help you find reliable couriers but also help you automate your entire logistics process. 

So, what are you waiting for? Create a powerful shipping strategy with India’s leading courier services. Need help? Drop a comment below and our experts will guide you through it.

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