How to Use E-commerce Courier Service to Boost Your Ticket Size

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What is the ultimate goal of your online business? To make money, right? So, you must have been making great efforts at increasing your conversion rates to achieve that. You might have even spent money on acquiring useful traffic and on trying to crack the ever-changing Google search algorithm. However, is that enough?

One of the easiest ways to increase revenues for an online business is to increase the amount that the customers spend on each order. And one of the easiest ways to achieve that is through your ecommerce shipping in India, i.e., your logistics. How? Let’s elaborate!

Smooth and efficient logistics management is undoubtedly necessary for repeat purchases and customer loyalty. It is one of the aspects that can have a major influence on your customer retention rates. In fact, most customers who have had a bad shipping experience will not order from that retailer site again. Therefore, in order to produce happy customers who will definitely come back to your site, you have to invest in a reliable and efficient courier company. Now that you are spending so much on your ecommerce courier service, why not make it into an opportunity to increase your sales. Using strategic logistics approaches can have significant effects on your ticket-size and conversion rates. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that.

Set free shipping threshold

This is one of the most common tactics used by online retailers to increase the order value. Offering free shipping is a proven method to make customers spend more on a website. Moreover, it is profitable for you because the increase in ticket size can mitigate the additional charges for your ecommerce shipping in India. However, in order to make it a success, first you need to find out your current average order value. You can easily find that by dividing your total revenue by your number of orders. Now make sure that you offer free shipping on orders that are slightly more than your current average order value. Remember not to make it too high or you will end up reducing the overall number of transactions. 

Offer volume discounts

Offering discounts on bulk purchases of the same product can have a positive impact on your order value. With most ecommerce courier services taking into account the volume and weight of the order, this tactic is a good way to reduce shipping charges. Instead of adding up the weight and volume of individual boxes and their respective packing material, bulk purchases can be packed together. This can not only bring down the shipping rates, but also increase your ticket sizes. However, make sure that you determine the right discount value that will attract customers and at the same time will not affect your profit margins. 

Provide discounted subscription offers

It is a known fact that online shoppers love subscription boxes due to the benefits they bring. But how does it help your ecommerce shipping in India? For customers, subscription boxes are about the convenience of shopping, without having to waste time or explore multiple products every month. On the other hand, for online sellers, subscriptions boxes are beneficial for reducing supply chain friction. The more predictable the orders are, the easier it is to avoid confusion and chaos. 

Once you know the number and timing of an order, it can help your logistics partner to coordinate shipments and stocks in advance. This way, there will be almost no room for back orders or late deliveries. This can consequently reduce your overall shipping charges with your ecommerce courier service. 

Offer multiple options for delivery

Your customers now expect delivery options that fit in with their lifestyle and needs. This is particularly important in logistics and order fulfilment. Hence, multiple options in delivery can not only help you increase your ticket size, but also improve your customer loyalty. Evidently, many customers abandon their shopping cart when failing to see their desired delivery option. Similarly, many go back to continue shopping when they find that the delivery option easily fits their busy schedule. That is why it is important to provide multiple delivery options to your customer with your ecommerce shipping in India. 

In this case, you can provide options relating to both pick up and speed. More often than not, people are willing to pay more for faster deliveries that provide flexible pick up options. This means you can generate additional sales for express and premium deliveries with the help of your logistics partner. In order to provide such multiple options to your customers, you need to have different shipping quotes and have to be able to instantly offer them to the customers. The easiest way to achieve this is through a logistics aggregator platform that provides the services of multiple ecommerce courier services. An aggregator platform can not only help you easily compare prices and delivery speed, it can also automate your entire logistics and provide seamless shipping management. 

While there are several logistics aggregator platforms in the country that let you compare different couriers, ShipKaro lets you choose the most convenient option for each of your products. Which means that irrespective of the order value or the number of different products in an order, with ShipKaro you can always find the most cost-affordable and fastest shipping option for your ecommerce shipping in India

In conclusion, keep trying these tips to increase your order value. Remember, it is always about trying and testing to find the plan that works best for your business. 

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