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The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about ecommerce is easy shipping with timely delivery of products. Ever wondered if the term ‘Easy Shipping’ is actually an easy process for an ecommerce shipping solution or not?

No matter big or small, every ecommerce entrepreneur knows the complexities involved in the shipping process. Several ecommerce site owners spend a lot of time in managing the shipping process and can’t pay much attention towards other activities that can help in the progress of their business. Ever tried managing the entire supply- chain managementlife cyclemanually?

It is next to impossible when you are receiving orders from numerous locations. Manual errors in such a vast and complex process can also affect the sales of the online store. A product may get lost due to a wrong address mentioned over it or get shipped to a wrong destination. In such scenarios, the customer is likely to lose the trust.

This is where third-party logistics providers become the trump card that one should use to simplify their shipping needs. And if you are looking for the best shipping solution then no one can beat ShipKaro. It is one of the mostcost effectiveoptions present in India and trusted by several ecommerce entrepreneurs.

What is so special about ShipKaro?

Well, ShipKaro automates the entire shipping process for you like a cake walk. You don’t need to invest extra resources or time in managing the shipping.

Whatall things dothey automate for you?

Here is an answer.Take a look!

Bulk order uploads: Your products can be listed on any marketplace likeFlipKart, Amazon or even you may own an online store created using a platform like StoreHippo, Shopify or Woocommerce. If you want to easily import your orders in one go then ShipKaro is the best solution for you. This ecommerce shipping solution can help you get rid of uploading one order at a time. ShipKaro saves your time and sweat with the bulk order upload feature. You are free to upload hundreds of orders at a time and move on to your next task.

Automatic shipping label generation: The shipping label is different for every courier company. The details involved in shipping labels are price, package contents, mode of payment etc which is pasted on the package. Rather than getting confused about all the shipping labels and cross-checking each one of them twice, it can be better to automate the process. ShipKaro does the job for you. Once the orders are placed, you can create this shipping label automatically for a specific courier company, with just a click.

Automatic pickup scheduling: Generating a pick up for every single order by coordinating with the courier company can actually be done very easily. Still not aware how?

ShipKaro does that for you. Simply choose the prefered logistics company and schedule a pickup instantly from the available time slots. You can then sit back and relax, the pickup boy will come to collect the package accordingly.

Invoice generation: Invoice creation for several orders can be a hectic task if it is to be done manually. Invoice is a bill or payment receipt for the order placed by the customers that consist all the major detailslikeproducts details, shipping address, delivery address etc. Generating invoice for every single order is always a hectic task if done manually. Try using an ecommerce shipping solution. With ShipKaro, you just don’t need to worry at all. The invoice for every order gets generated automatically and is less prone to errors always. Thus, you save a lot of time and manual efforts.

COD payment management: For every COD order, the amount paid by the end user is transferred to the account of the logistics company. As an entrepreneur shipping several orders daily, you can not always keep an update on the payment that you need to receive from the logistics company. ShipKaro plays a key role in this process of COD payment management. The total amount of the logistics company gets sent to the ShipKaro account of the user. The user is thus free to withdraw the amount without any hassle by simply placing a withdrawal request. A withdrawal request placed between the dates 1st-15th of every month is processed between 16th-20th of the same month. If the withdrawal request is placed between 16th-31st of a month, it gets processed between 1st-6th of next month.

Calculates real-time rates: We have learnt about the real-time shipping rates calculator in one of the blogs. ShipKaro makes it easy for you to choose the most suitable logistics provider on the basis of the real-time rates. With this third-party logistics provider, you get the most affordable options for shipping your products and saving some amount on every shipment.

If you have experienced the pain of managing the shipping process manually then here is the end to your problems. Once you choose ShipKaro, your shipping problems become our responsibility. Our aim is to provide quality services to the customer such that the ecommerce business experiences profit.

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