Tips to choose a suitable shipping company for your ecommerce business

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If you wish to define a successful ecommerce business then you need several things other than attractive products for your website. An online store with attractive products is not preferred by the users if the website is not user-friendly. Similarly, if the products are not delivered to the customers on time and in a damage-free condition, then it can affect the sales of the ecommerce business. It becomes essential to make a suitable choice for every parameter involved in the end-to-end ecommerce shipping process.

If you are an online store owner, then you must be aware that your products, discounts and promotions would be of no use if you do not offer efficient product delivery services to the customers.

So how do you choose to manage the shipping of your online store?

Do you choose a third-party logistics provider for hassle-free shipping?

If YES, then how do you pick the most suitable platform amongst all the available ones?

You would know that several ecommerce entrepreneurs get puzzled while choosing the logistics provider for their business. Even you might have faced it at some point.

For your ease, here is a list of tips to consider before picking ecommerce logistics services for your business.

Make a list of the third party providers: First things first! It is always necessary to make a list of all the platform providers present in the market and look at the facilities provided by them. Ecommerce is increasing rapidly in India which has given the scope to various small and big logistics firms to grow. All you need to do is to understand your business needs and choose the most suitable logistics platform that is cost effective and reliable.

Take a look at the features provided: You must be having several plans and long-term goals for your ecommerce business. Depending on your requirements, you should analyse the features provided by the ecommerce shipping partner. Here is a list of features that you should look for-

  • Multiple shipping options: Some of the popular shipping companies in India are FedEx, Aramex, EcomExpress, Delhivery, Xpressbees etc trusted by the customers. With these big names, shipping the products can be an efficient task and can be managed well. Ensure that the third-party logistics provider that you choose, comes loaded with all the multiple shipping options.

  • Payment options: Even if online transactions have become common these days but Cash on Delivery is still chosen by several customers. Thus you should pick a platform that provides both COD and prepaid payment options in their package.

  • Automated shipping: The foremost expectation of choosing a logistics platform provider is the automation of entire process such that the manual efforts involved get reduced. Ecommerce logistics services that can provide various features like automatic order synchronization, bulk order uploading, pickup scheduling, automated logistics management etc can be a feasible option for making your shipping experience smooth and easy.

Pin codes covered: One of the major factors to consider while choosing a logistics provideristhe regions covered by the same. You might start your ecommerce store as a newbie by delivering to the nearby customers. With time, as your business progresses you might wish to expand to various locations throughout the country or also across the globe. In such cases, you need to first check with the pin codes provided by the platform and then expand accordingly. Thus, choose a platform that provides PAN India coverage and can serve your customers located at remote locations.

Compare the rates: As there are many ecommerce shipping companies integrated into a single suite, you should compare the rates of each one of the first and then choose a platform for fulfilling your ecommerce needs. The third-party logistics provider offer the feature of rate calculator and price comparison so that you can choose the most affordable option for your shipment.

Once you have found a platform that can fulfil all these needs, you are ready to ship your products to the customers at various locations and expand your business. Also along with all these points, ensure that there are no additional charges included in the suite. At times the additional charges are included which can add to your expenditure and decrease your profit margin.

If you haven't found a full-fledged solution which can fulfil all these conditions then here is a solution for you.

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