Tips to Plan your Ecommerce Shipping Policy for Success

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Looking for ways to take your online business to the next level? Wondering how to increase repeat customers and increase brand loyalty? Exploring options to improve business efficiency in a cost-effective manner? Start with the creation of an effective shipping policy!

Most ecommerce brands take the simplistic route to shipping strategy for ecommerce shipping in India – offer free shipping or charge an unmodified delivery charge across the site. However, how to differentiate your brand from the rest of the competition? It’s simple - create a well-functioning shipping strategy incorporating your varied business needs that not only makes you different but also helps you increase your sales margins.

Apart from having an effective strategy for shipping, it is equally important to ensure that your brand can effectively act on that strategy. This requires perfect coordination between different teams of your organization – all the way from your customer support team to your ecommerce courier service, and all others in between. With an established shipping strategy, everyone involved in your logistics operations will be aware of the process and their role in it. This ensures a smooth flow of operations and efficient shipping management within your organization.

In order to help you create a solid ecommerce logistics strategy that makes both you and your customers happy, we have listed below a few helpful tips that will help you attain that. Remember, your shipping strategy should be created keeping in mind your industry vertical and your business model.

Best practices in ecommerce shipping India

  • Get the right team

This goes without saying. Every department in your company plays a role in making your logistics function properly. Therefore, make sure you assemble the right team for your organization. Identifying the right stakeholders within and outside your organization is the first step for a successful shipping process. Apart from your logistics team it also includes your marketing team, your web development team, fulfilment team and customer service team.

Let us explain how each of these teams in your organization plays a role in the logistics process along with your ecommerce courier service. It is your marketing team that needs to communicate your shipping promotions with your customers to bring them to your site – be it free shipping or flat rate shipping. Similarly, your web development team needs to ensure that the right shipping options are displayed to the customers at the right time. Your fulfilment teams need to make sure that all your orders are accurately picked, packed and shipped every single time. And finally, your customer service department needs to know how your approach towards ecommerce shipping in India can affect customers at every stage of their interaction with your brand. This will help them in answering customer questions appropriately.

  • Set realistic goals

Define your goals – immediate and long term. Once you have identified the right team for your organization you need to outline what you wish to achieve through your shipping strategy. Get an understanding of your needs and requirements. This will help you in drafting a clear set of goals for you. While defining your goals you should be mainly focusing on increasing your average order value and consequently increasing conversions. With the help of your ecommerce courier service, you should be aiming to expand your market base, reach out to a wider target audience and improve your overall operational efficiency. All this while also trying to decrease costs.

  • Create a shipping strategy

Once you have created the right team and set clear goals for your ecommerce business, you can start working on creating an effective strategy that will help you achieve those goals. There are several ways in which you can formulate a functioning shipping strategy. With a reliable ecommerce courier service as your logistics partner, you can strategize an efficient shipping process for your ecommerce business. Offering the right shipping choices to your customers at the right time is crucial for increasing sales and reducing cart abandonment. A reliable logistics partner like ShipKaro can help you achieve that. With ShipKaro’s logistics aggregator platform, you can get the services of multiple shipping partners for all your orders and choose the best option for shipping. This way you can take full control of your logistics and offer the lowest possible delivery charges to your customers. With ShipKaro as your partner for ecommerce shipping in India, this whole process is automated, making it easier and simpler for you.

While drafting a definite strategy for your logistics process, you have to primarily consider the types of products that you are planning to ship and the destinations to which you wish to send. The type of products will give you an idea about the weight and size of your shipments. For instance, if you are planning to send different kinds of products with different dimensions then it would be advisable to depend on multiple ecommerce courier services with varied rates for a cost-effective shipment. Similarly, if you are looking for a wider coverage for your products, then again you should rely on different couriers and expand your reach. With ShipKaro, you can get these options in an easy and affordable manner.

  • Implement the strategy

Now that you have found the right team, clearly defined your goals and created a shipping strategy, it is time to implement and keep updating your strategy. Constant updating according to the changing trends will help you stay ahead in the race. You are not alone facing hurdles in ecommerce shipping in India. However, with the right partner for your logistics, you can easily overcome these hurdles and take your ecommerce business to the next level.

With a dedicated team handling the shipping requirements of different ecommerce sites in India, ShipKaro has rich experience in streamlining the logistics of online businesses. Additionally, depending on the industry vertical you are working on and the type of products you are selling online, our experts are well-equipped to help you create a functioning shipping strategy for your organization.

Need some help creating a shipping strategy for your online business? Doesn’t matter if you are new to the field or have been in the business for quite some time now. We can handle all your doubts. Just drop us a mail and we will contact you. Or leave your comments below and let us know!

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