Top benefits of choosing a third party logistics provider over in-house logistics

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The idea of delivering an attractive product right at the doorstep of your customers and pleasing them looks so appealing, isn’t it?

You may be one of those entrepreneurs who wish to enter the ecommerce world after witnessing the success of several ecommerce startups. You may also be aware of how the ecommerce life cycle works. Listing a huge range of products on the online store and showcasing it to the customers all over the world is the first step of the process.

But have you ever thought what exactly happens when a customer clicks on the ‘Buy’ option? How does a product travel from the warehouse to the customer who is eagerly waiting for it?

It is the shipping and logistics services which makes this possible. Ecommerce is dead without a suitable logistics partner that delivers the products to the doorsteps of customers who are waiting for it.

Now arises the next question. How is the logistics part managed?

Logistics is itself a vast domain and needs to be handled by the logistics experts for timely delivery and tackling any issues that are faced throughout the process.

You can choose to build an in-house logistics system or pick a third party logistics provider for making things easier for you.

Both the options have their own merits.

Suppose you are a startup firm and deliver your products in a limited area. In this case, having an in-house delivery system can be a helpful option. It not only ensures faster delivery but also saves money.

But, what if you decide to expand your business and deliver to multiple locations?

Limited resources involved in the in-house logistics can hardly deliver the product to multiple customers within a certain time frame. Moreover, managing the entire process also needs special attention.

In this case, do you think opting for in-house logistics is a good option?

The answer is ‘No’.

What do you do in such a case?

Always remember that ecommerce and logistics go hand in hand. Hence for making the shopping process smooth for customers, the logistics part has to be strong. Going for reliable third-party logistics providers can be of crucial importance for an ecommerce business.

To understand the advantages of using multiple third-party shipping providers, let us first list down and see some its greatest advantages;

  1. Now you can save your time and resources- Ever thought of managing the entire supply chain by engaging your resources and time? Limited resources can hardly deliver products to multiple customers within a certain time frame, plus managing the entire process also needs special attention. Now, what if you are tied-up with an outsourced logistics provider. Once you receive an order, all you need to do is hand over the package to the pickup boy of whichever courier service you have chosen. You don't need to worry about engaging your resources, paperwork, billing, audits, transportation and investing extra money in the process.

  2. Deliver faster with the renowned logistics companies- Trust is the base for any business and good experience by the customers helps in building trust. Third-party logistics providers are integrated with trustworthy logistics companies which take the control of delivering products to the customers situated at various locations. At times due to occasions like festivals and offers, several customers may place orders at the same time. You don’t need to worry in such a case as you always have more than one logistics provider for getting the job done.

  3. Get the best rates provided by the multiple logistics providers- Every logistics and courier company may have different rates according to the services they provide. By choosing an outsourced logistics partner, you have a choice to pick the most cost-effective options for delivering your products.

  4. An affordable option for a longer run- In-house logistics may look like a convenient option at the beginning but for the long run, picking a logistics service aggregator can help you in saving some money. Their prime duty includes delivering multiple orders at a time is managed which is usually considered as the biggest problem.

After coming across all these facts, you may be aware of the effects of choosing an in-house logistics as well as outsourced logistics providers. You can pick an established delivery channel that provides integration with multiple logistics providers and avoids the pain of setting up the whole supply chain in-house.

How do you search for the best option available in the market?

Here is a suggestion for you. Choose a platform that provides you features like discounted shipping, best pricing plans, integration with various carrier partners and channels, automatic order synchronization and efficient process management. Have you tried ShipKaro? Our platform provides hassle-free delivery to the customers across more than 20000 pin codes. ShipKaro takes care of the end-to-end process and requires the least manual intervention along with multiple features for making the shipping experience a better one.

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