Why ShipKaro is the best ecommerce shipping provider for your online business

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Are you one among those who have taken their first step towards success by launching an online business? All set to leave your mark with a nice web store, rich product catalog and grand deals to compete in the ecommerce battleground. But do you know what is the key to success of your store?

Well, getting a lot of orders comes as an instantaneous answer to the above question. However, timely delivery of products to your customers is the key that unlocks success for your business.

Shipping and logistics services play a crucial role in the ecommerce industry. It can help you in creating a loyal customer base or it can create a negative impact on the customers if the product delivery process is not up to the mark.

Even if you have a very attractive set of products at your online store, your business is likely to suffer if you are not able to deliver the products to your customers on time. Hence ecommerce shipping can make or break your business.

Let’s consider a situation.

Imagine that you love a product from an online site and you buy it at that very moment. You keep on waiting for days but your product does not arrive. You will surely be very disappointed with the service of the online store and may abandon it in future.

The only expectation of customers is a speedy and damage free delivery of products at their doorstep. Sounds very simple but achieving this is not always a cakewalk. Entrepreneurs usually fail to foresee the complexities involved in the entire shipping process and end up with faulty logistics solutions.   

Instead of securing their delivery with multiple logistics providers, business owners often choose a single provider(often due to the paucity of funds) and jeopardize their entire shipping process. However, having more than one logistics provider is not an easy choice as it has many limitations;

1. Upfront payment- For every logistics provider that you choose you will have to make a heavy upfront payment. For a new business parting with a substantial amount of funds during initial days of business may not be a feasible option.
2. Lot of paperwork- You also need to repeat the registration process with each logistics provider which means lots of paperwork and substantial time to complete the task. 
3. Manual efforts- Dedicated resource would be needed to manage the end-to-end shipping process.

With all these issues, do you think it is possible to keep your customers happy with hassle-free delivery of products?

Sounds challenging?

No worries! Your ecommerce logistics problems can be handled in a much smoother way.

Introducing ShipKaro- An ecommerce shipping aggregator service that offers logistics solutions to Ecommerce business owners of every size.

Want to know more about us?

Let's dive in!

We at ShipKaro provide technology-enabled shipping and logistics solution which makes the end-to-end process easy and reduces the manual intervention to a large extent. Instead of worrying about every single shipment of yours, wouldn’t it be great if you can rely on a solution that takes care of almost all of your ecommerce shipping requirements?

ShipKaro is the ultimate solution to this question. We allow you to ship multiple products at various geolocations and expand your business. But when you are choosing an outsourced logistics partner, money is the biggest concern. Obtaining profitable returns for every investment is a necessity at the end of the day. ShipKaro pays special attention towards the affordability factor for its customers.

Discounts attract users 24*7 and ShipKaro provides discounted shipping to all the business owners!  We allow etailers to choose from multiple logistics partners and avail low-cost and automated shipping and pickup for their order fulfillment in an easy way.

Our features will make the entire shipping process simplified.

1. Carrier Integration- We choose the most suitable courier companies for you. ShipKaro is integrated with top logistics companies like Delhivery, Aramex, Holisol, FedEx, EcomExpress and many more.

2. Channel integration-You can easily import and sync your orders from Flipkart, Amazon, WooCommerce, Magento, StoreHippo etc. and start shipping instantly.

3. Price comparison- Optimizing shipping costs has now become easy. You can compare the prices provided by various logistics provider services and pick up an affordable choice.

4. Rate calculation- ShipKaro provides rate calculator which displays the real-time rates provided by various shipping and logistics services on the basis of your pin code and dimensions of the parcel.

Apart from this end-to-end shipment tracking, partial fulfillment, COD support, automated shipping management are some other unique features which are a part of the ShipKaro package.

Conclusion- Turning the pain point of ecommerce into the plus point is the key to success and we make it possible for your online business. Now that you are eager to explore more, you can register on ShipKaro for free and enjoy your experience.

Happy Shipping!


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