Why your Business needs Technology Enabled E-commerce Logistics in India

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Are you still depending on traditional methods for your e-commerce logistics? Not only will this approach slow down your logistics processes, but also hamper your customer satisfaction. Switch to faster and more efficient logistics management and streamline your supply chain with technology-enabled logistics platform at ShipKaro. By deploying advanced technology to automate the supply chain management, we are changing the way logistics is done in India. In the process, we ensure a smooth flow of operations for our clients and an enhanced shopping experience for the end customer.

When it comes to e-commerce, efficient management of logistics with the help of technology can streamline operations in the long run. Automating supply chain management for e-commerce logistics in India can make organizations more efficient and create a significant impact on the profit margins as well. Technology-enabled solutions can make every step of logistics well organised – from proper storage, hassle-free transportation to timely delivery of the products. Technological advancements in logistics have greatly simplified the way logistics is done and managed. From automated data entry to real-time tracking, technology has given way to a new era in logistics and changed customer expectations.

In order to keep up with the consumer demand and to stay ahead of the competition, modern e-commerce logistics in India has also incorporated technology. Traditional methods have now paved way for new features like on-demand package tracking, real-time insights and faster deliveries. If you are managing an e-commerce business in India, chances are you are already depending on a technology-enabled logistics service provider. In case you are not, read further to know why you need a technology-enabled third-party logistics like ShipKaro for your e-commerce business:

Multiple features from a single platform

Our cloud-based logistics platform can automate picking, transportation and tracking of every order across sales channels. We provide technology-enabled e-commerce logistics in India that can ensure increased scalability. Depending on the size of your organization and your logistics requirements, we can use technology to spearhead your supply chain management.

Get complete visibility

From picking to shipping, ShipKaro, as your logistics provider can get you access to integrated data from multiple sources. This way you can get information on the complete lifecycle of an order from a single platform. Moreover, when compared to traditional forms of communication, technology ensures a faster exchange of information. E-commerce logistics in India has, therefore, become faster and efficient with technological advances. With greater visibility, companies can now constantly track and monitor their orders, thus ensuring greater security. This also helps in easily solving customer complaints regarding delivery services. From any part of the company, you can now track customer order and let them know the status.

Real-time data

With technological intervention, you can get real-time information about your orders. This ensures a smooth flow of supply chain management and faster deliveries. E-commerce logistics in India has advanced with real-time visibility through tracking details, pickup scheduling, and so on. Sharing real-time order location can also increase customer satisfaction.

Automation to save time

Manually dealing with order fulfilment takes the involvement of multiple parties and the process takes longer to complete. However, technology eradicates the need for such intermediaries and saves time and resources. Integration of logistics platform with your online seller can automatically sync your orders and enable ease in shipping. Each step of supply chain management is automatically documented in real time and can be viewed from anywhere. With ShipKaro, even bulk orders can be uploaded without manual intervention, thus saving a great deal of your time.

Streamline business process

With automation of the entire supply chain, technology has significantly been able to streamline e-commerce logistics in India. ShipKaro can easily get you access to multiple shipping partners in a single platform. This lets you choose from a variety of shipping options at a glance and save a lot of time and resource. You can get the most convenient and affordable shipping option and ensure timely deliveries. Technological intervention lets you handle everything easily and efficiently with minimal manual intervention. This consequently makes you resources free to focus on your main business.

Reduce operational costs

One of the major advantages of technology-enabled e-commerce logistics in India is the reduction in the overall cost of operation. Technology cuts down the need for multiple intermediaries and also gives you the option to choose the most affordable shipping option from multiple choices. Moreover, an experienced third-party logistics service provider ShipKaro with its network of shippers increases the flexibility of your business and ultimately reduces transportation costs.

Advanced analytics

Technology ensures every aspect of your order fulfilment history is documented. This can help you in calculating your sales metrics and eliminate guesswork for future orders. This data collection becomes more valuable over time as you have more order history. Productive use of this data collection is now changing e-commerce logistics in India with marketers calculating on peak fulfilment time, maximum sales time etc.

Minimize errors

Logistics involves a lot of data entry. Too much manual intervention creates higher chances of errors. These errors can lead to exchanges, returns, replacements which are time-consuming. Also, it creates a dissatisfied customer. With the use of technology, these errors are minimised to a very high extent. Automated logistics with label generation ensures a smooth flow of order fulfilment and a satisfied customer. With the growth of multiple e-commerce ventures, customer retention should be one of your prime focus to stay ahead in the competition. Technology will ensure that you have an edge over e-commerce logistics in India.

Improved customer service

With real-time tracking of your orders, you can keep your customer involved in the fulfilment process of an order. The customer also knows that their order is being taken care of, which improves customer relation. Moreover, by depending on a reliable logistics service provider like ShipKaro, you can ensure hassle-free timely deliveries. To stand out from your competitors, efficient customer service is undoubtedly required.

Technology enhances logistics services. To keep up with the cutthroat competition, it is imperative to adopt technological innovations in your business. This includes your e-commerce logistics in India. ShipKaro logistics service providers use technological advancements for providing enhanced logistics. We can optimize your logistics operations and provide superior customer service. Additionally, we can save your money, time and provide you with a hassle-free logistics service. So, what are you waiting for, register with ShipKaro and give your business an edge over the competition with technology-enabled logisticsservice.

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